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A recent commission gave us the opportunity to follow an artwork from conception to completion. Watching art being  created is a good way to demystify the process.  Our good friend, Ed (the Taxi Driver) Price commissioned StudioWorks to create an acrylic painting of his cab.  Ed knows many of our artists and the quality of the art they produce and has commissioned other paintings and sculptures from us.  We think he is building an enviable collection of StudioWorks’ art!  David Mahoney, Eric Huggins with help from Kevin, worked on this painting over the last month.  Following are images of how this painting progressed.

After a photograph of Ed’s yellow cab was taken, Eric researched on the computer, a suitable background to highlight the car.  A night-time skyline of our fair city (Louisville) was selected and Eric using his drawing skills, transferred the car and skyline design to the canvas.  David will do the painting with a little assistance with color mixing from Kevin.  Notice how masking tape is used to block off areas in the skyline.  This will help to keep our lines straight.

The buildings are in front of a dramatic sunset that helps to create a sense of atmosphere.  The underdrawing of the taxi is visible and David will paint that next.

Here’s an early stage of the painting with the taxi being worked on.  The hands on the left belong to Kevin and he is helping David and Eric with the course this painting will follow.  There is much discussion on how best to carry out this goal which goes to the heart of a collaboration.

Here’s David holding that day’s work.  The tires still need to be done and some lettering along the cab’s side will make it Ed’s taxi.  The painting progressed  a little bit each day between other projects.

David has finished his part of the commission and has signed off on it with his monogram in the lower right corner.  Now the painting will be given back to Eric to add a few fine details that will complete the work.

Eric has finished the lettering on the cab and he has put his name in the lower left.  We think Ed will like it!  Over the course of its making, Ed got to watch it in progress and add his responses.  One last image of the completed painting.  StudioWorks welcomes commissions and it’s easy to do.  To start, simply get in touch with us!!  Contact information is in our “About” section.  Thanks!

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Graciously, Jacque Parsley agreed to stop by today to share a few words of art wisdom and give the StudioWorks group an introduction to her work.  Jacque is well-known to Louisville’s art community because in addition to being an artist, she has also been a gallery director, curator, and is a highly regarded collector and supporter of Kentucky’s self-taught artists. 

Originally trained in fiber arts, Jacque now concentrates on making mixed media collages and assemblages.  She finds the materials for her work from many sources including flea markets and rummage sales.  She is particularly attracted to those bits of ephemera that reveal a life lived.  Among the many materials she uses include old photographs, letters, stamps, odd bits of fabric, buttons, coins, broken toys, maps, cigar boxes, and much more!  There is a nostalgic feel to her work that has been updated to reflect concerns in contemporary art.  Her work is avidly collected and is in many private and public collections including museums here and abroad.  At StudioWorks, Jacque brought a few of her materials in a glass framed box and demonstrated how she layers her collage elements to show and create meaning.  For the last several years she has traveled to Mexico and that culture and its artifacts have become incorporated in her art.  Here are a couple of in-progress collages that Jacque brought in for us to handle.

Jacque complimented the art that the StudioWorks crew made and gave us invaluable advice!  Among the topics she touched upon included how to develop inspiration and seek creative opportunities.  Jacque once published a list entitled “How to Jumpstart Your Creativity” and there was one item that Zoom Group and StudioWorks in particular try to embody and it goes like this:  “Ask the question, What if? Suspend judgement of yourself and others, respect differences.”  We would like to thank Jacque again for sharing something of herself with our artists.  If you would like to see more of Jacque’s work, just click on this link:  http://www.kentuckyartists.com/jacqueparsley/index.html  

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Although we missed a day of work, the first snow fall of the new year proved to be more of a lovely inconvenience.  It wouldn’t seem like winter without some snow along the way.  The passage of the seasons are a reminder that change is not only inevitable, but necessary.  Before we become immersed in 2010 and plans for the future, let’s look back and acknowledge a few people who contributed to StudioWorks’ many successes.

In 2009, Ashley Noe, StudioWorks’ first site manager and later director , decided to attend nursing school in Florida.  Ashley was instrumental in helping get our gallery/studio program off the ground and we and Zoom Group thank her for her many contributions. Ashley’s sensitivities as an artist and advocate helped get StudioWorks off to a great start.  Over the holidays, Ashley stopped by to say hello and we wish her the very best in all she attempts.  She will be missed!

Here’s an image of Tasha Garcia posing next to Brad Bohannon and his painting entitled “Friends”.  Tasha, a Yale University art student, came to us as part of the Bulldogs in the Bluegrass summer intern program.  Tasha was wonderful with our artists and curated the “Colorscapes” exhibition we had at Bellarmine University last July.  As a result of her experiences with us, Tasha is considering using her art vocationally in a way she hadn’t considered before!  We think she has a gift for our line of work and wish her all the best in pursuing her career goals!

Our end of the year Holiday Show and Sale was the best ever and we thank everyone  who helped make it a success!  For you cat lovers out there, here are two images that came out of that experience and sold so quickly that few people had a chance to see them!  The first is Sally Hardman’s painting entitled “Kit-Cat” and it is acrylic on canvas.

Fitting comfortably in the palm of my hand is Natalie Lanier’s ceramic Siamese cat.  The pink nose is a nice touch!  There are so many dog lovers in Zoom Group that it’s nice to give the feline fanciers among us their due every once in a while. 

Another image that came and went is this oil pastel, double portrait of Kevin and his partner that Kevin commissioned Julie to make for him.  Interestingly, in the artwork, the person on the left is holding that international symbol of love…the crescent wrench!  That little touch is pure Julie!

As much fun as it has been to look backwards…it’s time to consider the future with all its challenges and opportunities.  StudioWorks’ big, big goal is to find a new and larger space to move into.  We have a small waiting list of other artists who would love the chance to make and show their art with us.  Where ever the new studio will be located,  we will try to retain the qualities that made StudioWorks such an intimate and fine program.  We will continue to seek greater community inclusion, advocate on behalf of our artists, and have fun along the way!  As the story about the new studio/gallery develops…we will try to update folks on what’s going on.  Thanks again for everybody’s continued support, encouragement, and good will.  We appreciate it greatly!

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