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We have said our share of good byes lately, but now it’s time to move on.  The StudioWorks artists are always making fresh pieces and we have a couple of new commissions that have been started.  The image above is of Eric Huggins practicing his figure drawing skills.  He has a commission to produce a double portrait of his patron’s parents.  Eric’s drawings are characterized by their incisive line quality.  I think this is going to be a nice piece and I can’t wait to see it develop.  David Mahoney has also been working on a new commission.  Our good friend Ed wants David to produce an image featuring a taxi cab from the mid 1950’s.  Here’s one of David’s color pencil renderings that will later be translated into oil pastels.

And speaking of oil pastels, Julie Baldyga has completed two new figures with model airplanes.  This is turning into quite a series that deserves to be shown as a body of work.  We will work on that!  For now, here’s the art.

Here’s a detail of another new work followed by the full image.  This airplane is named Sally after a good friend of ours.  I like the lips on this aircraft and references the WWII fighter plane…the P-48 Flying Tiger.

Sometimes art by the StudioWorks artists sells so quickly that we are challenged to get a picture of the piece before it goes out the door.  This has happened to Dorcas twice recently.  She dyed a beautiful scarf and it sold within 24 hours and a ceramic wind chime she made with assistance sold quickly too.  At least we have this picture of the artist with her scarf.

Carol Thorp finished a small ceramic baboon sculpture that didn’t hang around the studio for very long.  We do, however, have a few images of it in progress that we can share with you.  This is what it looked like while wet.

It is a very engaging work that fits in the palm of your hand.  And now the finished result after it was glazed and fired in the kiln.

That’s it for now, but in our next post I would like to introduce the newest member of the StudioWorks’ staff.  This has been a year full of changes and many positive ones are just around the corner!


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Last Friday we all wished our friend and colleague Vickey Reed well as she embarks on the next chapter of her life!  It was her last day at StudioWorks.  She will be deeply missed.  However, we will hold her to her promise of making cameo appearances in our new studio to be!

Vickey began working at Zoom Group three and half years ago.  She started as a job coach with the Supported Employment Division before moving on to StudioWorks.  When a position opened up for an artist/teacher she was a natural hire.  She taught hand-built ceramic sculpture and also worked with fiber and these were only a few of the skills Vickey used as a direct support professional.  Without question she was a wonderful advocate for our clients and always remembered their birthdays and important occasions.

Today was Vickey’s day and we celebrated with cards, gifts, and a nice cake.  After lunch, a few of the folks from Zoom Group’s office dropped by to say good luck.  Among the client gifts was a card made by Jeremy Smith.  He created a special certificate of award in honor of Vickey.

His expression of thanks is genuine and speaks for all of us.  It was great seeing everybody enjoy the friendship in the room.  Vickey had a few gifts of her own that included drawing pads and pencils.  She asked each of our artists to keep working on their art.

Vickey certainly added to her collection of cards and drawings on this day!  Zoom Group presented her with a nice jewelry box with an engraved plate on the top.  It’s much more formal than Jeremy’s award, but it’s a nice remembrance of her time in our company.

I would also like to present Vickey with a special gift in thanks for all her thoughtfulness.  We were lucky to be the recipients of many of her cupcakes.  And now, here’s a cyber version for you that you can visit again and again and it will never grow stale!  Thanks for all the desserts!!

Good luck to you Vickey and stay in touch.  We are looking forward to receiving an invitation to your next art show!  Thanks again for all your many contributions to our lives and program.  You are one of a kind.

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Last Friday we wished our new friend Ariana well and thanked her for spending the last ten weeks with us!  Where does the time go?  We have enjoyed working with and learning from our Yale University intern.  In a letter to the StudioWorks community, Ariana mentioned that she should be thanking us and all the fine people in Louisville that she shared time with for a great summer.  Sounds like it was a win-win situation!  While she was with us in the studio, Ariana worked on two successful projects for us.  The first was introducing our artists to knitting.  As it turned out, there were several folks who enjoyed that experience.  The second project Ariana tackled was reorganizing our computer’s image files.  Over the years, there have been many pictures taken of artwork, people, and events that needed consolidating.  Not only was Ariana good at this, but in some cases she even reconstructed composite images with Photoshop to give us better images than we had before!  Now all our artists have their portfolios fairly up to date and that had been a goal of ours for a while.

Ariana was the picture of patience and everybody enjoyed working with her regardless of whether they picked knitting up or (k)not.  Many of our artists did complete knitting four coasters that were later felted using the washing machine.  A few artists even tried their hand at dying yarn which also produced good results.  Here’s Ariana and Eric doing exactly this in the stainless steel sink in our kitchen.

Among the many nice relationships formed, the one with Ariana and Carol produced a very nice result.  Carol really enjoyed working with the yarn and made a special picture with Ariana’s assistance.  The pair started with a drawing that Carol made of a squirrel between two trees with acorns in the background.  Yarn was dyed and Carol began knitting the work together.  Knitted shapes would later be sewn down to create the images.  Here’s a series of photos documenting the progress of this whimsical creation.

Good luck to you Ariana in whatever you decide to pursue.  Have a great senior year and drop us a line when you get the chance.  This will truly be a memorable year for StudioWorks and thanks again for being a part of it!!

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Last Friday was one of those hard to take days because it was filled with so many mixed emotions.  Our good friend and long-time StudioWorks artist Sally Hardman has decided to move on to another program.  She has been with us for so many years and has become such a big part of the identity of this art program.  Sally was there at the very beginning and her talents were a part of so many successful art shows.  At her new day program, Sally will be closer to her family, can hang out with her friend Mary Ann, and do swimming and hiking.  We wish her nothing but the best and she will always have a place in our hearts.  But before we could say so long…there are a few projects to finish and then we need to have a send off party!

Sally has a nice series of ice cream cone artworks going.  For several weeks Susie Sherrard has worked with Sally to piece and sew this nice fiber piece together.  And now that it is finished, it is ready to be framed.  Here’s what the new ice cream cone design looks like.  With three scoops, it’s special!

Before we leave the ice cream theme, Sally has one more ceramic sculpture to finish.  The idea of creating a banana split sculpture had been considered for a while and now was the time to do it.  You can have this one with whipped cream and a cherry on top!  Vickey assisted Sally in this confection and I like this picture of the two of them working together.

Vickey was giving Sally some advice on how to glaze the banana split.  It’s always a good idea to have someone look over your work to make sure you didn’t miss a spot or two.  Here Sally gets real close to the work’s surface.  The sculpture will need to be fired in the kiln again to finish it.

For the last couple of weeks, Sally has been working on her entry for this year’s Kentucky State Fair.  It’s an ambitious abstract painting that is the latest from her “Stained Glass Series”.  We all love the flourescent pink shapes that she has outlined in tan acrylic paint.  Here is Sally with the painting nearing completion.

Sally’s sister Judy came to StudioWorks and we had an ice cream cake desert after lunch.  Everybody had room for that!  Many good luck cards and gifts were exchanged.  Sally was given two small photo scrapbooks of images of her StudioWorks friends over the years and pictures of the artworks she made since the beginning of the program.

Here’s an image of Sally reading one of the cards made by her friends in the StudioWorks program.  Some of our guys even made her more than one.

Zoom Group and the StudioWorks program wish Sally nothing but the best in all she attempts.  We are sure to run into her again at one of the many community events.  For now, Sally has left us many nice reminders of her time with us.  I can’t wait to see if her painting wins a ribbon…I bet it will win something!  This is what the finished untitled painting looks like:

Thanks Sally for all your hard work and especially for your friendship!

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