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As promised here is a peek at Carol Thorp’s  finished “Calico Cat” acrylic painting.  Kevin Molloy, one of our DSPs ( Direct Support Professionals…hope all of you out there have had a great week in your honor!) brought in a pair of special 3D glasses to see if Carol’s painting would jump off the wall…it didn’t.  It’s apparently bright enough that we don’t need any other special effects!  Carol makes lots of study drawings before committing brush to canvas.  Included are two such drawings with the Calico Cat theme.

You can see how the multicolored ball of yarn developed from initial sketches to finished work.  The cat itself, changed very little except for the blue eyes.

David Mahoney finished his commission for an old fashioned taxi.  The model was an image of a 1955 era style cab.  I am especially attracted to the colorful mosaic of tiles that frames this work.  David spent a great amount of time on this piece and was proud of his work.

Eric Huggins has been in a drawing mood lately which is good because he had this commission to finish.  This double portrait will be matted and framed and the new owner was really happy with the outcome.

At StudioWorks, our artists also like to put jewelry items together.  There’s something very meditative about creating a necklace or bracelet.  We have an ever-growing supply of beads and next we should work on displaying these pieces better.  We will work on that.  For now, here is a better look at a recent necklace and earring set that Jeremy Smith created.

Clay projects are ongoing and some of what I’m about to present is already in the kiln ready for a bisque firing.  Julie has been especially productive making clay figures, airplanes, transformers, and her trademark fuses!

This nice panda sculpture is by Carol Thorp and we can’t wait to see how this one turns out.  Susie assisted Carol with this piece and it is made hollow.

Nancy Anderson has been working on a series of abstract color pencil drawings.  Most feature variations on geometric themes.  Here’s a picture of Nancy drawing.  I like how expressive images of hands can be!

In closing, David’s pastel cab art work has many nice details and this close-up highlights many of them.  StudioWorks has much planned over the next few months and we look forward to sharing it all with you!  Until next time!

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Because we are a not for profit organization, we are frequently asked to measure success in various ways.  Those of us who work in the arts know how notoriously hard it can be to do this in a highly subjective field.  I think continuity is a good measure of a program’s success.  If a program experiences changes…how much does the quality of the services suffer?  Recently, we lost a key staff member and a couple of our artists moved on for their own reasons.  We were lucky that Susie Sherrard had been working with us as a regular volunteer for a year and was familiar with our mission and clients.  We were even more fortunate when she accepted the offer to work with us on a fulltime basis.  Susie is already an invaluable asset to our program and has nearly thirty years experience as an art educator in art museums.  She is a pretty decent artist herself and a wonderful resource.  We wish her all the best as we begin this adventure together.

Is the program fun?  Well, as you can see from Eric’s colorful mohawk wig we are as serious as can be all the time!  Since many of us work so closely together we have to joke around every now and then.  At StudioWorks, we are a functioning work site, but we like to keep things open.  We certainly like to celebrate everybody’s successes and here are a few notable art projects that have or are working their way through the studio.

Dorcas finished this acrylic painting last week with assistance and she’s proud of it.  The title is “Gone Fishing” and it depicts her late father walking with rod in hand to his favorite fishing hole.  She took this one home with her so she can see it everyday.

Jeremy is into fantasy heroes and Japanese manga.  This knight-inspired design is rendered with various color pencils and markers.  Jeremy is great at recycling and has a nice range of materials he works with. The colorful wig Eric is wearing was brought in by Jeremy as a gift for Julie.

And here is another picture of success.  Julie is holding her Blue Ribbon winner from this year’s Kentucky State Fair.  She entered in the pastel category with this striking picture of a woman with an engine in her hair!  Congratulations to her…there was a lot of competition this year.

David Mahoney has been on a positive roll lately.  He has a piece in a competitive juried show at the Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead, won a prize and later sold the piece!  He too entered the state fair and won recognition with a pastel work of his own based on his interpretation of an Edward Hicks’ painting he saw in a book.  David likes working on wood.

The actual ribbon will arrive by mail!  Carol’s winning smile is another measure of success.  She is pleased with her most recent painting of a calico cat playing with a psychedelic ball of yarn.  We were teasing Carol that this painting would look extra fine if we were wearing 3-D glasses!  Carol has since finished this work by cleaning her lines up a little bit.  In our next post, I’ll give you a better look at it and some of the preliminary drawings.

In closing, StudioWorks will continue to advocate for our clients and believe our artists are capable of significant creative expression.  We are looking forward to expanding our circle with a few new artists soon.  For now, we would like to wish Susie well!  We can’t wait to work with you!!

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