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Currently up at the main branch of the Louisville Free Public Library is an exhibition in which 21 art works by our StudioWorks artists are on display.  The competitive juried exhibition is sponsored by the Center for Accessible Living and was open to disabled artists throughout Kentucky.

The works are on display inside the library’s Bernheim Gallery and the traffic and visibility are sure to give our artists a lot of exposure.  Here’s one view inside the exhibition showing some of the accepted works.

Ribbons, certificates, and gift cards were awarded as prizes and the StudioWorks artists did very well.  Everybody received some acknowledgement for their efforts!  We would like to thank the Center for Accessible Living for organizing this year’s show.  Here’s a nice photo of the ribbons garnered by Zoom Group’s artists.

And now for the “More” part…it’s been nearly two weeks since we moved into our new space at 2008 Eastern Parkway.  It’s a vast improvement over our old digs and the artists love it.  There are, however, the normal stresses of unpacking and getting used to a new location.  The StudioWorks artists are adjusting well to all the space and are looking forward to what will happen here over time.  We have added a new staff member, Rebecca Crutcher, who is an excellent artist in her own right and brings a nice infusion of energy and talent to our studio.  Here she is working with Natalie Lanier while Terry Bishop looks on.

It hasn’t taken very long for the artists to get into the swing of things.  One of the first paintings completed was a commissioned work started at our old location.  David Mahoney finished his Scottish Terrier painting for our friend Ed Price and this is what it looks like.

David made this piece special by adding the kite flying in the distance.  Many preparatory drawings were done before brush hit canvas.  Here’s Carol Thorp working on a fun composition featuring a turtle with flowers in the background.  I think Carol is still in awe of this space!  It’s 4600 square feet easily dwarfs our last space which was about 1100 square feet.  Carol also did many drawings of variations on this composition before she began her acrylic painting.

A new addition to our group is Chimel Ford who is standing with a portrait of the late Michael Jackson he just began.  Chimel is a talented draughtsman and painter and we look forward to bringing his art to a wider public.

We are all working towards our open house and sale which will be on Saturday, December 4.  The StudioWorks artists are producing ornaments and getting ready to greet the public.  Behind the scenes, many people are involved in helping us produce a quality event.  The new space has already captured people’s enthusiasm.  To close, here are two photographs of the artists working in their new space.

Lastly, a different look taken from another angle.  This new place has Julie smiling too!  More images and stories will follow in the weeks ahead of our unveiling of the new and improved StudioWorks.

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