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The artists at StudioWorks are always creating new pieces and it’s a pleasure to share them with you.  Here’s Eric’s finished acrylic painting of  “The Temptations”.  We showed this in progress earlier.  Eric is a huge Motown fan and did research at the library and online to create this painting.  He is becoming quite an expert on Motown and the StudioWorks artists have also enjoyed listening to the music.  Eric has also made greeting cards and other paintings that continue the theme of people dancing.

We have two new paintings by Nancy A. to share with you!  This acrylic painting is called “The Rainbow People” and is one of Nancy’s figurative works which are a little rarer than her purely abstract works.  We love the very “folksy” quality that this small painting has.  The main scene depicts two people and a mouse standing on brightly colored floating rugs!  Nancy insisted that this painting also needed to be shiny, so acrylic varnish was used to accomplish that.  Here’s her other painting which is perhaps more typical of the colorful geometric style she is evolving.

Nancy made this painting using geometric shapes drawn with the help of templates.  She took her time with the painting and was happy with the results.  Interestingly, Nancy insisted that this painting not be shiny!  Lately, she has been cross stitching similar geometric designs onto cloth scraps with the end goal of producing a small quilt.  I can’t wait to see that!

This is an untitled acrylic landscape painting by Terry B.  Terry has a wonderfully innocent drawing style that includes simplified animal and human forms usually with smiles on their faces…just like Terry!

We are proud to present Craig D.’s first painting on canvas at StudioWorks!  He made many fine pencil drawings before he settled on this portrait of Celene Gomez.  This small acrylic on canvas shows a good hand with the brush and a nice sense for composition as well.  We are looking forward to what Craig wants to do next!  One last painting before closing and this is by David Mahoney.  Using a somewhat dry acrylic brush treatment, David created this compelling horse-drawn sleigh scene.  After this winter (we have had many snow days!) this is about the only snow people might want to look at! 

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It’s an official snow day.  The Jefferson County Public School system is out for the day and that means StudioWorks is too.  We are expecting visitors from the SCL Coalition tomorrow and I’m here doing a little cleaning and catching up on a few items.  The artists have been productive after Christmas and its looking like 2011 is off to a great start!  One of our artists, Chimel Ford, had a landmark moment this past week when he sold his first painting in our gallery!  Here’s a picture of the proud moment.

The gentleman on the right had spotted Chimel’s Fritos painting in our front window and came back to purchase it. Luckily, Chimel was present when he came in and he was clearly pleased and had to call his mom with the good news.  We have the feeling that Chimel will have this experience again because he’s a hard worker and talented.  You just don’t see art like his everyday…unless you are watching our blog!  I included a few other recent paintings from Chimel that he has recently completed.  As you can see, Chimel is attracted to the bright colors and bold designs he finds in snack food packaging.  Now that the Fritos painting is out the door…here is a better picture of it.  All Chimel’s paintings are acrylic on stretched canvases.

Chimel also does portraits and I believe we featured the one he did of Michael Jackson earlier.  Here’s a piece he did on Will Smith which is interpreted from an illustration advertising the movie, “Men in Black”.

As much as we can, we will try to help Chimel develop his art.  For now, we are still getting used to one another.  It takes time to develop a trusting relationship where the artist will accept criticism and recommendations.  I can’t wait to see what he makes next!  In my next post, I will show you a few other works that the StudioWorks artists have been busy with.  Happy New Year to all!

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