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StudioWorks has had this picture of Eric and Rebecca waiting to be used and now seems as good a time as any!  Our good friend and fellow artist Julie B. likes to collect wigs (among other unusual objects) and it’s fun to play along.  Here’s one with me in silvery hair next to Julie.  That’s my aloof look!

With all this long hair flowing around the gallery…I thought I would show you the work of some of our newest artists.  Here’s an example of Marie V.’s art.  She’s really good with color markers and works equally well with representational and abstract imagery.  Marie currently has work in our exhibit at J.C.T.C. which ends on March 31.

Another artist we are excited to be working with is Alicia R.  Here she is enlisting Susie’s advice on a figurative portrait.  Alicia is especially interested in making beaded jewelry and has produced many fine examples we offer for show and sale.

Linda S. is another recent addition.  Like Marie, Linda is trying out different media to find which ones she enjoys doing the best.  So far, Linda has enjoyed drawing in color pencils and markers.  She also makes use of stencils and this nice landscape piece features geese that were made with the aid of a stencil.

Also among our newest StudioWorks members is Artis A.  Here’s a picture of him and one of his marker art works.

Artis is a quiet guy with the nicest smile!  In the weeks he has been attending our program he has shown a real inclination towards working with chalk.  Artis will try oil pastels and acrylic paint, but for now “chalk” is his medium.  His work is bold and colorful which brings a smile to our faces.  Artis is prolific and a hard worker who stays busy from the moment he arrives in our building to the time he leaves.  Following are examples of some of Artis’ chalk drawings.  The first especially puts me in the spring time mood.

Here’s another of Artis’ chalk drawings and this one extends our “hair theme” as well.  Artis has a great up side to his art because it communicates so directly.  We love it when he comes skipping into the gallery because we know he is already off to a great day.

I’m loving all this color and so in closing I would like to post one of Dorcas’ acrylic nonobjective paintings.  Every once in a while she makes a real zinger and I think this image qualifies!  In our next post, I will feature five other StudioWorks artists who have been collaborating with five local artists from our community on a project for the Council on Developmental Disabilities’ Weber Gallery.  See you then!

Oh, I nearly forgot…we have another candidate for the crazy hair theme.  Eric did this drawing of two people wearing Afros like in the good old days!

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Phew!!  Life has been busy (but good!) at Zoom Group and StudioWorks.  One night after the DSP banquet, StudioWorks opened a group exhibition of work by our artists at Louisville’s  Jefferson Community & Technical College’s Krantz Art Gallery.  After the artworks were completed, attention was directed towards matting and framing to provide a professional presentation.  The first two images are from StudioWorks as we readied the art prior to the installation.

Barry Motes, chairman of the art department and director of the gallery, and I planned this exhibition before StudioWorks moved into our new space.  This was a wonderful opportunity to work towards and it provided a few of our newest members with their first chance to show art in a gallery other than our own.  We installed the show on a Saturday and StudioWorks’ super staff member, Rebecca Crutcher, helped us hang the show.  Here she is working with Dorcas’ painting and photograph.

The show is entitled the “StudioWorks Art Community” and opened on March 7, but the reception happened on the 9th which was a rainy Wednesday night.  Fortunately, many of the  JCTC students were in attendance as well as a few of our clients, their case managers and care givers, college faculty members, and Zoom Group staff.  There was a lively discussion about the art which was wonderful.  It’s also a treat to be able to share the art created at StudioWorks with another segment of the community.  Here are a few pictures taken at the reception.

The “StudioWorks Art Community” will be on exhibit at the Krantz Art Gallery from March 7 – 31, 2011.  The gallery is located in VTJ 116 and the building is on the corner of 1st and Chestnut Streets in downtown Louisville.  The public is welcomed to view the show.  Hours are Monday – Thursday, 8am to 4pm, Friday, 9am till 12 noon.  If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by!

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On March 8 at the Louisville’s downtown Hyatt Regency, 300 of our colleagues gathered to celebrate the Direct Support Professionals who do such an outstanding job of taking care of their clients.  This was the Seventh Annual DSP Appreciation Banquet.  The event is sponsored by The Council on Developmental Disabilities, Seven Counties Services, Inc., and by the Kentucky Developmental Disabilities Planning Council.  All told, thirteen different agencies came together so their outstanding employees could be recognized by their peers.  Each agency honors a promising newcomer to the field that has been with their respective company for less than a year…these are the Shooting Stars.  And finally, each agency selects their DSP of the year.  This year’s theme had a bit of Hollywood to it and people had a great time .  The StudioWorks clients once again helped to create the needed centerpieces.

This year Zoom Group had a tie for the Shooting Star Award… but both outstanding DSPs have a StudioWorks’ connection!  Honored were Susie Sherrard who began her association with our gallery by volunteering for a year.  When an opportunity presented itself for fulltime employment we were so lucky she agreed to join our staff.  Susie brings thirty years’ worth of experience in the art education field to StudioWorks and our clients really love her.  Josh Juett is fresh out of Hanover College where he was a scholar athlete.  He graduated with a degree in fine art and found a place at Zoom Group by splitting his time between StudioWorks and the Commercial Operations division where he quickly became an invaluable employee.  Josh is reliable, patient, and has a steady presence about him that serves our clients and company well.

Joining Josh and Susie was LaRon Burnette who was chosen by his Zoom Group peers as our DSP of the Year.  LaRon works with our clients at our laundry facility at the Veterans’ Administration Hospital and he is a very deserving recipient.  Zoom Group is proud of all our hard-working employees who give so much in the service of their fellow human beings.  Congratulations to you all!

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