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One of our favorite things to do at StudioWorks is to invite artists in our community to share their art and story in our space.  Keith Kleespies was gracious in accepting our invitation and brought a box full of his art.  Keith is originally from the Cincinnati area and found much early success there before coming to Louisville.  His presentation was informal and our artists were eager to see what would come out of the box next!

Keith’s work is delightful and sophisticated and our artists enjoyed his imagery which is frequently humorous.  At all times Keith’s work is well drawn and designed.  Of late, he has been making gestural drawings and scanning them into the computer which then becomes further manipulated.  Keith shared that he is slowly losing his vision and the computer has become a tool that allows him to continue his art making.  Where his art ends up is usually far from where it began in his process.

Keith is an aficionado of the “Blues” which is evident from the above sculpture.  The Blues is a uniquely American musical form that speaks directly to life’s many experiences.  Keith’s sculpture combines the names of important Blues locations with some of its famous singers and musicians.

Here Jeremy checks out another Kleespies’ original that again acknowledges the Blues and the art of illustration.  Keith is an excellent cartoonist and familiar with that tradition as well.  To be a Blues man is to lead a wandering lifestyle and this is why shoes are such an important image to Keith.

After Keith finished his art presentation with some wonderfully designed graphic pieces in his portfolio…our StudioWorks artists wanted to show him what they have been making!  Here Keith takes in Eric’s latest drawing that is a montage of different dog breeds drawn in various sizes.

Bradley Bohannon couldn’t wait to show Keith his latest entitled “Heros”.  It’s a collage and drawing honoring the brave servicemen that help keep us safe.

We really thank Keith and his wife Suzi for stopping by and sharing a bit of themselves with us.  Suzi is a wonderful artist too and we look forward to her presentation sometime in the near future.  Both of these artists have become good friends and supporters of the StudioWorks mission and that means a lot to us.  To end, here is a small Kleespies’ sculpture made with cardboard, paint, and a pipe cleaner that displays Keith’s wit and humor.  Thanks Keith!!!

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Although the event was last Saturday, I thought I would present a few images from StudioWorks’ participation.  The above image was the poster for the street wide celebration and many businesses and sponsors along Louisville’s famous Bardstown Road that joined in.  Our thanks to the Highland Commerce Guild for organizing such a fun event.

It is an important part of Zoom Group’s and thus StudioWorks’ mission to be involved in the life of the larger community.  Bardstown Bound was a great way for visitors to get to know, check out, and purchase the art made in our studio/gallery.  Since we are currently only open during the business week, this was also an opportunity for folks who wanted to visit us to do so.

The event was a light-hearted gathering and a good excuse to have a sale.  The StudioWorks artists have been so productive that we have art literally everywhere inside the building!  To further entice visitors, we gave an additional 20% off our already modest prices.  Remember at StudioWorks, the artists receive an 80% commission on all sold art works.  Sales were good during Bardstown Bound and nearly every artist sold work.

Although it was a busy Saturday, many of our artists were able to attend and show off their works to friends and visitors.  Here Carol (in the blue pants) talks about her wonderful embroideries framed and hanging on the gallery’s walls.  Our artists are really proud of StudioWorks and have responded by making some of their best works yet.  The space is so nice that we have had many inquiries from other artists with developmental disabilities who would like to have a chance to work with our talented staff and volunteers.

The Zoom Group staff were supportive and came out for our event.  Our gallery used to be around the corner from the main office, but now we are more across town.  The company’s president, Annie Rosenberg-Sattich and her husband Steve enjoyed the many works on view.  Annie remembers when this program was just a few individuals gathered together in the back of a coffee-house.  Look at us now!

It’s always a pleasure to show off a sellection of the works that are made in our space.  We were really pleased by how Marie Vample’s ceramic tile came out.  She did a fine and careful job of glazing its surface.

On another ceramic note, here are Julie Baldyga’s wacky cat family.  This ensemble features a mother cat and her two kittens playing with their electrical fuses!  Julie also made ceramic birds and mice also playing with their respective fuses.  Julie is such a multi-talented and interesting person and artist.  For her, the commitment to art making extends past what she does at StudioWorks.  Natalie Lanier is also a fine artist and here is her latest acrylic on canvas painting.

Natalie entitled this painting “Lady Bug” and I had to photograph it quickly on the gallery’s front carpet because this work found a new home during our Bardstown Bound event!  Congratulations Natalie!!  One final shot and this shows the wonderful tissue pompoms that the staff made as decorations for the event.  They really look good from outside too!  See you next week.

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Louisville is fortunate to have the galleries, museums, and visual art scene that we do and we love being an active participant in it all.  StudioWorks artist, Julie Baldyga does an amazing job with oil pastels and so when a fine exhibit in that medium by another artist is up…we have to go see it!  Here Julie admires a great piece by Louisville artist Martin Rollins at B. Deemer Gallery.  Brenda Deemer has maintained a wonderful gallery for many years and is also a frame shop of some note too!  Julie is a dedicated artist pursuing her vision and so when we work with her, it is more a matter of providing materials and letting her run with them because she knows what to do!  Here are two more interesting pieces by Julie which feature figurative portraits and machinery.

I’ll throw in a better detail of the still life within this oil pastel on paper.

Many of Julie’s pieces are set in Heaven which is an interesting aspect of some of her art.  Whatever shortcomings or difficulties a person may have faced in life…in Heaven, everything will be made right.  This piece features a figure, electrical transformer, toy locomotive and heavenly flower garden.  This is a fairly large work on paper.

Another StudioWorks artist who loves working with pastels is David Mahoney.  David has this piece up in a local show and it is one of his more amusing works!  David is quite the humorist!!  In case you can’t tell…it’s a monkey mom and baby!  He frequently works with animal subjects.

David grew up around a farm and you can see the influences in some of his chosen subject matter.  Here are two more oil pastels, the turkey was drawn on a wood panel while the three cows are on paper.

On a very different note is the art of Terry Bishop.  Terry is a very able draftsman with an intuitive sense for composition and design.  He works both with images and with geometric shapes.  Terry has several drawings in color pencil and or color markers that feature all over compositions of repeated shapes and are among his most compulsive works.  Here are two that utilize various triangular shapes.

Terry also likes to draw animals and I like the way these mysterious creatures in this drawing spread out across the page.  Sometimes I feel the multiple legs are meant to suggest motion?

Another new artist at StudioWorks that bears watching is Artis Appling.  He’s a hard worker and shares some qualities that Terry has.  Both alternate between symbolic and representational imagery.  Here’s an amazingly colorful oil pastel that Artis made recently.

To close this post, I’ll end with another of Artis’ drawings.  He frequently uses hearts in his work which always brings a smile to our faces.  Have a great week everybody!

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Phew!!  Life has been busy (but good!) at Zoom Group and StudioWorks.  One night after the DSP banquet, StudioWorks opened a group exhibition of work by our artists at Louisville’s  Jefferson Community & Technical College’s Krantz Art Gallery.  After the artworks were completed, attention was directed towards matting and framing to provide a professional presentation.  The first two images are from StudioWorks as we readied the art prior to the installation.

Barry Motes, chairman of the art department and director of the gallery, and I planned this exhibition before StudioWorks moved into our new space.  This was a wonderful opportunity to work towards and it provided a few of our newest members with their first chance to show art in a gallery other than our own.  We installed the show on a Saturday and StudioWorks’ super staff member, Rebecca Crutcher, helped us hang the show.  Here she is working with Dorcas’ painting and photograph.

The show is entitled the “StudioWorks Art Community” and opened on March 7, but the reception happened on the 9th which was a rainy Wednesday night.  Fortunately, many of the  JCTC students were in attendance as well as a few of our clients, their case managers and care givers, college faculty members, and Zoom Group staff.  There was a lively discussion about the art which was wonderful.  It’s also a treat to be able to share the art created at StudioWorks with another segment of the community.  Here are a few pictures taken at the reception.

The “StudioWorks Art Community” will be on exhibit at the Krantz Art Gallery from March 7 – 31, 2011.  The gallery is located in VTJ 116 and the building is on the corner of 1st and Chestnut Streets in downtown Louisville.  The public is welcomed to view the show.  Hours are Monday – Thursday, 8am to 4pm, Friday, 9am till 12 noon.  If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by!

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The artists at StudioWorks are always creating new pieces and it’s a pleasure to share them with you.  Here’s Eric’s finished acrylic painting of  “The Temptations”.  We showed this in progress earlier.  Eric is a huge Motown fan and did research at the library and online to create this painting.  He is becoming quite an expert on Motown and the StudioWorks artists have also enjoyed listening to the music.  Eric has also made greeting cards and other paintings that continue the theme of people dancing.

We have two new paintings by Nancy A. to share with you!  This acrylic painting is called “The Rainbow People” and is one of Nancy’s figurative works which are a little rarer than her purely abstract works.  We love the very “folksy” quality that this small painting has.  The main scene depicts two people and a mouse standing on brightly colored floating rugs!  Nancy insisted that this painting also needed to be shiny, so acrylic varnish was used to accomplish that.  Here’s her other painting which is perhaps more typical of the colorful geometric style she is evolving.

Nancy made this painting using geometric shapes drawn with the help of templates.  She took her time with the painting and was happy with the results.  Interestingly, Nancy insisted that this painting not be shiny!  Lately, she has been cross stitching similar geometric designs onto cloth scraps with the end goal of producing a small quilt.  I can’t wait to see that!

This is an untitled acrylic landscape painting by Terry B.  Terry has a wonderfully innocent drawing style that includes simplified animal and human forms usually with smiles on their faces…just like Terry!

We are proud to present Craig D.’s first painting on canvas at StudioWorks!  He made many fine pencil drawings before he settled on this portrait of Celene Gomez.  This small acrylic on canvas shows a good hand with the brush and a nice sense for composition as well.  We are looking forward to what Craig wants to do next!  One last painting before closing and this is by David Mahoney.  Using a somewhat dry acrylic brush treatment, David created this compelling horse-drawn sleigh scene.  After this winter (we have had many snow days!) this is about the only snow people might want to look at! 

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Last Friday we wished our new friend Ariana well and thanked her for spending the last ten weeks with us!  Where does the time go?  We have enjoyed working with and learning from our Yale University intern.  In a letter to the StudioWorks community, Ariana mentioned that she should be thanking us and all the fine people in Louisville that she shared time with for a great summer.  Sounds like it was a win-win situation!  While she was with us in the studio, Ariana worked on two successful projects for us.  The first was introducing our artists to knitting.  As it turned out, there were several folks who enjoyed that experience.  The second project Ariana tackled was reorganizing our computer’s image files.  Over the years, there have been many pictures taken of artwork, people, and events that needed consolidating.  Not only was Ariana good at this, but in some cases she even reconstructed composite images with Photoshop to give us better images than we had before!  Now all our artists have their portfolios fairly up to date and that had been a goal of ours for a while.

Ariana was the picture of patience and everybody enjoyed working with her regardless of whether they picked knitting up or (k)not.  Many of our artists did complete knitting four coasters that were later felted using the washing machine.  A few artists even tried their hand at dying yarn which also produced good results.  Here’s Ariana and Eric doing exactly this in the stainless steel sink in our kitchen.

Among the many nice relationships formed, the one with Ariana and Carol produced a very nice result.  Carol really enjoyed working with the yarn and made a special picture with Ariana’s assistance.  The pair started with a drawing that Carol made of a squirrel between two trees with acorns in the background.  Yarn was dyed and Carol began knitting the work together.  Knitted shapes would later be sewn down to create the images.  Here’s a series of photos documenting the progress of this whimsical creation.

Good luck to you Ariana in whatever you decide to pursue.  Have a great senior year and drop us a line when you get the chance.  This will truly be a memorable year for StudioWorks and thanks again for being a part of it!!

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Although Sally’s actual birthday was yesterday, we celebrated it at StudioWorks with a cupcake party for her today.  Vickey made her a special extra-large cupcake (smaller ones for everybody else) and took her out for a great lunch by the river.  Finally, it looks like spring is approaching.  February was a difficult month and the gallery was closed several days due to snow.  We follow the same schedule as Louisville’s public schools, so when they close, we do likewise.

The annual DSP banquet is approaching and Zoom Group’s day programs along with StudioWorks are making the centerpieces.  The theme is “DSPs Work Magic Everyday” and so the centerpieces will embrace props a magician might use starting with the traditional hat, fake flowers, cards, and a special rabbit.  Each program has a hat, but will interpret the theme in their own way.  Today at the gallery, we worked on our versions and a shy David Mahoney is hiding behind some silk flowers.

Here are a couple more centerpieces in progress.  The feeling is they need a bit more color and perhaps another element to set them off.  The annual banquet is a time when our colleagues in our line of work can be honored and recognized for their hard work.  We are fortunate at StudioWorks to have Kevin Molloy and Vickey Reed helping our artists.  Tomorrow we will be brainstorming with Jonathan Swanz an artist who specializes in the medium of glass.  Louisville will play host to an international glass conference this June and the StudioWorks artists will be participating.  Jonathan will be leading us through a series of workshops that will culminate in an exhibit at the Weber Gallery.  This is an exciting event and we will devote future post to this soon!  For now, the StudioWorks artists are engaged in individual projects and our closing photo is of Dorcas Kempf-Fluhr and a recent drawing using markers to cover the whole picture plane.  Her latest works communicate a lot of energy through mark making.

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