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StudioWorks has been fortunate in attracting several visiting artists recently. This time we were graced by Ashley Brossart who is a young painter on the Louisville scene.  She brought several of her intriguing projects for our artists to engage.  Here is an example of her work.

I apologize for not recording the title of this piece, but we enjoyed how she worked this painting.  For the most part, Ashley’s work is abstract, but of late she seems to be working conceptually with art in public places.  The piece shown above involves working stencils reminiscent of bridges and structures seen in an urban environment.  Ashley’s latest project is an ambitious road trip to place small map-like drawings she has made in the American cities that inspired them.  Where the works will be displayed will depend on what she finds once she reaches each place.  On the back of her artworks will be a QR code that can be read with a good cell phone that will give additional information about each piece.  Sounds promising and good luck on your adventure.

Ashley gave an informal but informative presentation of her art and fielded a few questions.  Afterwards, she seemed just as interested in us. With pleasure, we treated her to the fifty cent tour of our facility. Our guys also love having the opportunity to show people what art they are making.  There is always something good being made in the studio.

Ashley and Carol Thorp hit it off well and Carol’s wonderful embroideries speak for themselves!  Carol is nearly finished with a double commission for two dog portraits.  She has developed a distinct preference for this medium over the past half year…that and drawing with color pencils.

Eric Huggins is proud of the work he makes and here he is showing our latest visiting artist the ceramic rhinoceros he fabricated.  Ashley seemed impressed with the variety and quality of the art work she was seeing.  All the StudioWorks artists were working on their own ideas!

We like to thank Ashley Brossart for coming and sharing a little bit of herself with us.  Soon the StudioWorks artists were back to finishing their own projects.  Here Marie Vample puts the finishing touches on an electrically hued water-color painting.  Marie has come a long way since joining us and her patience level is increasing.

Alicia Rexroat has a nice smile on her face because she’s enjoying the company of friends and making a nice necklace in the bargain.  Alicia has an open mind to trying different art forms, but creating jewelry is at the top of her list of favorite things to do in the studio.

This is Matthew Torstrick concentrating on his latest drawing.  His designs have a monumental quality to them even on a smaller scale.  We love his sense of color and how he manipulates  familiar materials like crayons and color pencils.  Matthew is a great guy and a wonderful addition to our studio.

Because of all the color, I couldn’t resist throwing in this shot of Chimel Ford’s painting table.  Sometimes it’s hard to know where the painting begins and ends.  This shot shows Chimel’s Minute Maid painting and a Cracker Jacks acrylic on paper piece he is working on.  If you like color…you might like what happened to Dorcas Kempf-Fluhr’s “magnum opus”?

A couple of posts a go, I showed Dorcas’ painting on the floor as she and the staff decided how best to use all the smaller paintings she created.  The idea was to combine many of them into one large colorful abstract work. The smaller paintings were done on scrap mat board.  We used large sheets of cardboard for a backing and attached Dorcas’ works with heavy-duty Velcro.  To close this post, here is the artist posing in front of her painting which probably qualifies as the largest single artwork made by a StudioWorks artist.  Congratulations Dorcas…you painted it!

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Before heading to the Fourth of July holiday with its extended weekend, we were thrilled to have another visiting artist!  Suzi Zimmerer, a professional artist in the Louisville community,  graciously shared her work among our circle of artists.

Suzi creates amazing images by cutting paper.  Best of all, her imagination is open and witty which came through the many examples of her art she brought to us.  Here she holds whimsical designs that seem to be part animal/machine hybrids.  Suzi is an accomplished draughtsman and much of her art is rooted in the language of drawing.  Her artwork has been exhibited all over the United States.

This is a simpler example of one of Suzi’s papercuts which seems related to the imagery found in Mexican folk art.  Suzi and her partner, Keith Kleespies once lived in Sante Fe before moving to Louisville.  One of the StudioWorks artists, Natalie Lanier,  especially responded to Suzi’s elegant images of stylish women.  After the presentation, Natalie was inspired to  create a cut paper artwork of her own!  Another StudioWorks artist, Marie Vample, really connected with one of Suzi’s collage sketchbooks.

Bradley Bohannon fell in love with the masks that Suzi made and brought along and he entertained us with his Godzilla impression!  I like that you can see his big smile despite having most of his face hidden.  A couple of weeks a go, Bradley made a very nice ceramic mask of his own.

After her informal presentation, Suzi made the rounds to see what the StudioWorks artists were currently making.  Carol showed both Suzi and Keith her newest commissions in progress.  Carol is doing two portraits of beloved pet dogs in embroidery.  Her needle work keeps getting better and better!

Julie Baldyga has been working on a series of oil pastels featuring electrical workers from around the world repairing transformers.  Here Julie shows Suzi something about her own amazing art making techniques.

This is an example of Julie’s series which highlights electrical workers switching out ceramic insulators while standing on substations?  Talking with Julie…we all learn more about electrical equipment which she likes to research on the internet.  In the following image, you can tell the workers are from India because the one on the right has a red dot on his forehead.

Other new pieces in the gallery include a nice acrylic painting on paper that Chimel Ford painted.  The subject speaks for itself!  Of late, Chimel has been on a productive and positive roll.

StudioWorks keeps growing with the addition of new artists.  Among are newest is Alexander B. who painted this scene of two people standing near a house.  Alexander likes to script the dialog and action in some of his pictures.  In this painting all his words have been covered over with paint.  We will try to get this young artist to leave a bit of the words visible to give viewers a better sense for what is happening.  Alexander also loves trains and so we expect to see some of that imagery popping up every now and then.  The staff loves the way he presents the human figure.

Bradley created a very entertaining color pencil and crayon piece inspired by the newest Green Lantern movie.  In his drawing, the staff and artists of StudioWorks have all been transformed into super heroes ready to do battle with all that threaten our fair planet.  Nobody better mess with us!

StudioWorks would like to thank Suzi Zimmerer for sharing her art work and time with us.  It is through these visiting artist encounters that our artists receive so much positive reinforcement and underscores how universal creativity can be.  We are lucky to live in such a vibrant and giving art community that exists in Louisville and look forward to other visiting artist presentations.  Before ending, the StudioWorks artists have had a series of collaborative in-house projects going on and one of them features lots of cut up fabric being braided and knotted together.  So far, Terry and Rebecca have gotten into this the most, but other artists have contributed as well.  What this fabric will become is still being decided and that is the exciting and creative part.  We will keep you posted on its progress!  Thanks for stopping by!!

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It’s been a great week or so at StudioWorks.  Lots of wonderful art is being produced, shown, and sold.  There is a palpable feeling of accomplishment in the air of our studio/gallery that extends even beyond the walls of our building.  Recently, three of our artists…Matthew, Terry, and Nancy won medals for swimming at a meet held in Richmond, Kentucky.  Congratulations to all three and here is a nice picture with some of the loot hanging around their necks!

Currently, there is an especially nice showing of paintings by Madison Cawein at the B. Deemer Gallery.  Marie, Julie, and Dorothy really enjoyed the outing and loved the skill on display.  Check out Julie’s new glasses!

The staff at this gallery has been very welcoming and we love the variety in their shows.  We learn so much by looking at the work of fellow artists.  We have also been lucky in attracting another wonderful volunteer and her name is Katie Hall.

Katie recently completed a her BFA degree from the well-regarded Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.  She will be working with us this summer and is interested in pursuing a graduate degree in art therapy.  As it turns out StudioWorks provides a good opportunity for her to get additional experience in working with people with special needs.  Katie dived right in and has been very helpful in the studio.  As she is finding out…we focus primarily on abilities and the expressive potential of each individual.  Welcome aboard!

We also had a guest visitor to StudioWorks recently!  Sally Hardman who once attended our program dropped by to see old friends including Eric!  It was great to see her again and this was her first chance to see our new studio.  Sally was a big part of our 4th Street gallery.

Matthew Torstrick is among the fresh new faces at StudioWorks.  Matthew has been hitting a groove of late with his wonderfully colorful crayon drawings.  He finds inspiration for his abstractions from popular culture.    Here is a better view of the drawing he was working on in the above image.  It’s based on the latest version of the movie “Tron”.  What I love in addition to this drawing’s large size is the way Matthew burnished his shapes until they literally shine when the light hits them!

I began this post with a prismacolor drawing by Artis Appling who has also been making inspired art.  The other day, the StudioWorks staff were amazed when Artis completed fifteen new and colorful drawings in a single day!  We think Artis has a gift for color and composition and is evolving his own vocabulary of symbols he likes to work with.  Here are two new drawings including one that repeats his signature in interesting and decorative ways.  Artis frequently draws on both sides of his artworks.

Let’s keep the color flowing and here is Natalie Lanier’s latest.  I’m not sure of the title and so I call it “Lady with a Peacock”.  Natalie’s art has style!

Julie Baldyga’s most recent oil pastel also qualifies for this colorfest!  This is the latest in a series that features a toy model airplane and a glimpse of heaven with its pink arbor of flowers.

Eric Huggins is one of our best draughtsman.  The tip of his pencil can be so clean and precise.  This is a large study of different dog breeds where Eric is experimenting with using non-naturalistic colors.  We have many dog lovers in our group who especially like this work.

Lastly, I want to show a painting by Dorothy Elois Hawkins that recently was purchased.  Congratulations Dorothy!  By now this painting is in the Los Angeles area.  This is only one of many StudioWorks pieces that are now in collections across the United States.  Who doesn’t love dinosaurs!!  Stay cool and see you next week!

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One of our favorite things to do at StudioWorks is to invite artists in our community to share their art and story in our space.  Keith Kleespies was gracious in accepting our invitation and brought a box full of his art.  Keith is originally from the Cincinnati area and found much early success there before coming to Louisville.  His presentation was informal and our artists were eager to see what would come out of the box next!

Keith’s work is delightful and sophisticated and our artists enjoyed his imagery which is frequently humorous.  At all times Keith’s work is well drawn and designed.  Of late, he has been making gestural drawings and scanning them into the computer which then becomes further manipulated.  Keith shared that he is slowly losing his vision and the computer has become a tool that allows him to continue his art making.  Where his art ends up is usually far from where it began in his process.

Keith is an aficionado of the “Blues” which is evident from the above sculpture.  The Blues is a uniquely American musical form that speaks directly to life’s many experiences.  Keith’s sculpture combines the names of important Blues locations with some of its famous singers and musicians.

Here Jeremy checks out another Kleespies’ original that again acknowledges the Blues and the art of illustration.  Keith is an excellent cartoonist and familiar with that tradition as well.  To be a Blues man is to lead a wandering lifestyle and this is why shoes are such an important image to Keith.

After Keith finished his art presentation with some wonderfully designed graphic pieces in his portfolio…our StudioWorks artists wanted to show him what they have been making!  Here Keith takes in Eric’s latest drawing that is a montage of different dog breeds drawn in various sizes.

Bradley Bohannon couldn’t wait to show Keith his latest entitled “Heros”.  It’s a collage and drawing honoring the brave servicemen that help keep us safe.

We really thank Keith and his wife Suzi for stopping by and sharing a bit of themselves with us.  Suzi is a wonderful artist too and we look forward to her presentation sometime in the near future.  Both of these artists have become good friends and supporters of the StudioWorks mission and that means a lot to us.  To end, here is a small Kleespies’ sculpture made with cardboard, paint, and a pipe cleaner that displays Keith’s wit and humor.  Thanks Keith!!!

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Although the event was last Saturday, I thought I would present a few images from StudioWorks’ participation.  The above image was the poster for the street wide celebration and many businesses and sponsors along Louisville’s famous Bardstown Road that joined in.  Our thanks to the Highland Commerce Guild for organizing such a fun event.

It is an important part of Zoom Group’s and thus StudioWorks’ mission to be involved in the life of the larger community.  Bardstown Bound was a great way for visitors to get to know, check out, and purchase the art made in our studio/gallery.  Since we are currently only open during the business week, this was also an opportunity for folks who wanted to visit us to do so.

The event was a light-hearted gathering and a good excuse to have a sale.  The StudioWorks artists have been so productive that we have art literally everywhere inside the building!  To further entice visitors, we gave an additional 20% off our already modest prices.  Remember at StudioWorks, the artists receive an 80% commission on all sold art works.  Sales were good during Bardstown Bound and nearly every artist sold work.

Although it was a busy Saturday, many of our artists were able to attend and show off their works to friends and visitors.  Here Carol (in the blue pants) talks about her wonderful embroideries framed and hanging on the gallery’s walls.  Our artists are really proud of StudioWorks and have responded by making some of their best works yet.  The space is so nice that we have had many inquiries from other artists with developmental disabilities who would like to have a chance to work with our talented staff and volunteers.

The Zoom Group staff were supportive and came out for our event.  Our gallery used to be around the corner from the main office, but now we are more across town.  The company’s president, Annie Rosenberg-Sattich and her husband Steve enjoyed the many works on view.  Annie remembers when this program was just a few individuals gathered together in the back of a coffee-house.  Look at us now!

It’s always a pleasure to show off a sellection of the works that are made in our space.  We were really pleased by how Marie Vample’s ceramic tile came out.  She did a fine and careful job of glazing its surface.

On another ceramic note, here are Julie Baldyga’s wacky cat family.  This ensemble features a mother cat and her two kittens playing with their electrical fuses!  Julie also made ceramic birds and mice also playing with their respective fuses.  Julie is such a multi-talented and interesting person and artist.  For her, the commitment to art making extends past what she does at StudioWorks.  Natalie Lanier is also a fine artist and here is her latest acrylic on canvas painting.

Natalie entitled this painting “Lady Bug” and I had to photograph it quickly on the gallery’s front carpet because this work found a new home during our Bardstown Bound event!  Congratulations Natalie!!  One final shot and this shows the wonderful tissue pompoms that the staff made as decorations for the event.  They really look good from outside too!  See you next week.

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Glad you asked!  There is always a lot going on and we are happy to share it with you!  If you are on Louisville’s Bardstown Road this Saturday, May 21st between the hours of noon and 8:00pm, please stop by and check out our latest art works.  The other merchants on this cool and busy street will be offering sidewalk sales and StudioWorks will be conducting a 20% off everything sale too.  Since we are not usually open on Saturdays, this is an excellent way to check out our program and new space if you haven’t had the chance to do so already.  We are pleased to be a part of the Bardstown Bound event which is being sponsored by the Highland Commerce Guild and area merchants.  Remember 80% of the sale price goes directly to the artist with the balance returning to the program for materials.  Here’s a recent view with artworks on the floor to be sorted and framed for the sale.

Among the new works being offered for sale are fine examples of embroidery and cross stitch by Carol Thorp and Nancy Anderson.  Both artists are doing their own original designs using needle and thread.  Here are examples of Carol’s work with a few in process shots thrown in for fun.

This is the beginning of “Sleepy-head” being transferred to cloth after starting out as a color pencil drawing.  The rainbow radiating under the sleeping dog is Carol’s version of a rug pattern.

This piece looks great in its frame and will be a part of our sale.  Carol finished a second dog-themed embroidery and this one features a Dalmatian on a colorful rug.  It will also be framed and exhibited.

Fellow studio mate, Nancy Anderson is fond of doing cross stitch which is a craft form her mother taught her many years a go.  By doing cross stitch, Nancy can remember her mom.  When Nancy originally came to us she did commercial patterns exclusively, but now she is doing her own original designs.  Here are two examples that will be on view this Saturday.  Nancy loves abstraction, color and geometric forms!

This is the square-themed cross stitch piece and now the one based on multi-colored circular shapes.  There is a lot of metallic threads in this one.  Nancy is getting faster with each new work she undertakes.

With all the color playing around these circles it reminds me of the iridescent colors you see on soap bubbles!  Nancy has also completed a triangular-themed cross stitch as well.  Within the past month we have been graced by two great helpers.  First, Erin O’Bannon is interning with us for ten weeks.  She attends Jefferson Community and Technical College’s humanities department and has a strong interest in art and healing.  Erin will be with us for about ten weeks and once she completes her internship she has expressed an interest in volunteering.  Thanks Erin!

Our second helper comes to us as a volunteer.  Her name is Mary Margaret Sparks and she is an artist and curator with a special interest in social causes.  Formerly, she worked at the Louisville Visual Art Association and we are lucky she chose to volunteer with us one day a week.  Currently, she is organizing an art exhibition on mountain top coal removal which is an issue of concern in Kentucky.  Here’s a nice image of Mary Margaret in front of the StudioWorks’ front entrance.

Both Erin and Mary Margaret are talented and compassionate and appreciate what we are doing at StudioWorks.  In return, our artists really look forward to working with them.  It’s a reciprocal relationship where everyone learns from each other.  The other “new” news is that the frozen yogurt shop we share our building with has opened!

Sweet CeCe’s Frozen Yogurt and Treats is a Nashville based business and Bill and Betty who operate this franchise also are from the Music City.  It’s great having neighbors who are supportive of our efforts and I’m sure we will support them as well!  Here’s some proof of that.

David and Eric are clearly enjoying their samples.  Here are a few more of the StudioWorks crew giving the many flavors a try and joining in the fun!

I’m sure Sweet CeCe’s will figure into a few blog posts in the future!  To close, here is a hand drawn sign that Bradley Bohannon made to welcome our new neighbors to the Bardstown Road and Eastern Parkway corridor.  Bill and Betsy were nice enough to place his sign behind the counter!  Good luck to Sweet CeCe’s and welcome to Louisville!

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StudioWorks has had this picture of Eric and Rebecca waiting to be used and now seems as good a time as any!  Our good friend and fellow artist Julie B. likes to collect wigs (among other unusual objects) and it’s fun to play along.  Here’s one with me in silvery hair next to Julie.  That’s my aloof look!

With all this long hair flowing around the gallery…I thought I would show you the work of some of our newest artists.  Here’s an example of Marie V.’s art.  She’s really good with color markers and works equally well with representational and abstract imagery.  Marie currently has work in our exhibit at J.C.T.C. which ends on March 31.

Another artist we are excited to be working with is Alicia R.  Here she is enlisting Susie’s advice on a figurative portrait.  Alicia is especially interested in making beaded jewelry and has produced many fine examples we offer for show and sale.

Linda S. is another recent addition.  Like Marie, Linda is trying out different media to find which ones she enjoys doing the best.  So far, Linda has enjoyed drawing in color pencils and markers.  She also makes use of stencils and this nice landscape piece features geese that were made with the aid of a stencil.

Also among our newest StudioWorks members is Artis A.  Here’s a picture of him and one of his marker art works.

Artis is a quiet guy with the nicest smile!  In the weeks he has been attending our program he has shown a real inclination towards working with chalk.  Artis will try oil pastels and acrylic paint, but for now “chalk” is his medium.  His work is bold and colorful which brings a smile to our faces.  Artis is prolific and a hard worker who stays busy from the moment he arrives in our building to the time he leaves.  Following are examples of some of Artis’ chalk drawings.  The first especially puts me in the spring time mood.

Here’s another of Artis’ chalk drawings and this one extends our “hair theme” as well.  Artis has a great up side to his art because it communicates so directly.  We love it when he comes skipping into the gallery because we know he is already off to a great day.

I’m loving all this color and so in closing I would like to post one of Dorcas’ acrylic nonobjective paintings.  Every once in a while she makes a real zinger and I think this image qualifies!  In our next post, I will feature five other StudioWorks artists who have been collaborating with five local artists from our community on a project for the Council on Developmental Disabilities’ Weber Gallery.  See you then!

Oh, I nearly forgot…we have another candidate for the crazy hair theme.  Eric did this drawing of two people wearing Afros like in the good old days!

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There’s never a dull moment at the new StudioWorks!  The activity level increases the more people become aware of this program, its artists, and this space.  Before too much time goes by I would like to remember a few more recent events.  Such as the above photo which documents the first SCL Provider Coalition that Zoom Group has hosted.  It was great to have our colleagues in the disability community gather to discuss issues of mutual interest.  Plus, we got to show off our new gallery too!

The StudioWorks artist community loved having the visitors and it was a good time to show off their art.  During January our guys were also fortunate enough to work with two visiting artists.  Unfortunately, the flu caught me the week the workshops occurred and I missed taking pictures of the processes used.  The first was with Jeff East who demonstrated and assisted our artists in making ceramic, lidded, keepsake boxes.  I will post finished images of those boxes since the work is in the kiln.  The other workshop was with Mark Bourlakas in preparation for a show at the Weber Gallery in which many of the StudioWorks artists also participated.

Mark is a nice guy and man of many talents.  Here he is talking about his sculptures at the Weber Gallery.  His exhibit is entitled “Reflections From the Margins” and is an investigation of the world of found objects and images that surround all of us which we sometime fail to notice or even acknowledge.  Mark raises awareness of this through his sculptures, photographs, and words.  For the workshop he conducted, the artists created small assemblages of found objects and embedded them in quick-setting concrete.

Lonnie made a nice sculpture with Mark’s assistance.  In this piece entitled “Door Knocker”, found objects which include these brass door elements and a small gourd are unified in a plane of cement.  We are proud that Lonnie tried this and he seems more willing to try something new since he first started with us.  Here’s a delicate sculpture by Natalie L. that incorporates a small wire dancer she fashioned along with ceramic tiles we had on hand.  The dancer in particular was very fragile.

We thank Mark for including us in his exhibition and showing us something about the materials he likes to use.  And we also want to express our appreciation to the Weber Gallery for their continued support.  The Weber Gallery is run by The Council on Developmental Disabilities and has been a big supporter of the visual arts in Louisville. 

In the meantime, we are all riding out winter by making art and enjoying one another’s company.  Once warmer weather arrives we are all looking forward to exploring more of our new neighborhood by foot.  For now, it’s a good time to finish up on projects and Nancy has been working on her first original cross stitch designs.

Nancy’s goal is to create a small wall hanging from the six designs she has finished.  She has thoroughly enjoyed working on her own art as opposed to the store-bought kits she’s used to.  Nancy loves to work with needle and thread and now we have a new tool just donated to StudioWorks!

This was the best surprise and we have to thank Sallie Read’s mother and father in-law for the donation.  We were graced with a visit by them and in casual conversation it was mentioned that this was a tool we were working towards.  Sallie surprised us with this wonderful gift that her mother-in-law purchased for us!  Now Nancy can make that wall hanging with ease and the other artists who like working with fabric have another option.

February is turning into an active month.  We have exhibits to prepare for and contests to enter and who can forget Valentine’s Day!  We have new artists who are joining us and we are looking forward to making new friends and seeing what kind of art they will make.  To close, looking through the storefront window on the Bardstown Road side, I can see two familiar friends (Julie and Nancy) through the glass and Susie reflected upon it.  See you soon.

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As promised here is a peek at Carol Thorp’s  finished “Calico Cat” acrylic painting.  Kevin Molloy, one of our DSPs ( Direct Support Professionals…hope all of you out there have had a great week in your honor!) brought in a pair of special 3D glasses to see if Carol’s painting would jump off the wall…it didn’t.  It’s apparently bright enough that we don’t need any other special effects!  Carol makes lots of study drawings before committing brush to canvas.  Included are two such drawings with the Calico Cat theme.

You can see how the multicolored ball of yarn developed from initial sketches to finished work.  The cat itself, changed very little except for the blue eyes.

David Mahoney finished his commission for an old fashioned taxi.  The model was an image of a 1955 era style cab.  I am especially attracted to the colorful mosaic of tiles that frames this work.  David spent a great amount of time on this piece and was proud of his work.

Eric Huggins has been in a drawing mood lately which is good because he had this commission to finish.  This double portrait will be matted and framed and the new owner was really happy with the outcome.

At StudioWorks, our artists also like to put jewelry items together.  There’s something very meditative about creating a necklace or bracelet.  We have an ever-growing supply of beads and next we should work on displaying these pieces better.  We will work on that.  For now, here is a better look at a recent necklace and earring set that Jeremy Smith created.

Clay projects are ongoing and some of what I’m about to present is already in the kiln ready for a bisque firing.  Julie has been especially productive making clay figures, airplanes, transformers, and her trademark fuses!

This nice panda sculpture is by Carol Thorp and we can’t wait to see how this one turns out.  Susie assisted Carol with this piece and it is made hollow.

Nancy Anderson has been working on a series of abstract color pencil drawings.  Most feature variations on geometric themes.  Here’s a picture of Nancy drawing.  I like how expressive images of hands can be!

In closing, David’s pastel cab art work has many nice details and this close-up highlights many of them.  StudioWorks has much planned over the next few months and we look forward to sharing it all with you!  Until next time!

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We have other StudioWorks artist that are entering the Kentucky State Fair.  David Mahoney is preparing a nice pastel on a birchwood panel that he calls “Cattle Country”.  He came up with the idea after looking through a book on Edward Hicks’ paintings.  There was one painting that caught David’s eye that featured a proud farmer/land owner with his herd of cattle.  In the past, David has been attracted to rural subjects that he remembers from his childhood.  David is in his early seventies.

Most of our artists are encouraged to make a few drawings to act as studies before launching into a more finished piece.  These are a few of David’s drawings of cattle that he did in preparation for his pastel.  If you look closely you can see that David started many of these cows by first drawing a rectangle that he elaborated on.  I remember seeing works by the famous folk art master Bill Traylor who did the exact same thing!

David took his time working on “Cattle Country” and was proud of the result.  The composition has been highly abstracted and flattened out.  I love how the cattle cling to the bottom edge of this work and are held in place by the fence that keeps them in the pasture.  Here is a detail of a cow!

We have another artist entering an artwork made upon a wooden support into the state fair.  We purchased a few of these birchwood panels from the local art supply store and they have proven popular because they are a nice change from canvas and paper and I think the additional firmness is reassuring.  Nancy Anderson has a nice abstract work she made using watercolors and watercolor pencils and it is entitled, “Three Circles”.  Perhaps this is her working title, but regardless there is much happening here and the colors are bright and happy.

First, here’s a detail of how the piece started out.  Nancy used templates to help her gain control of the shapes.  After drawing the circles and triangles she used the watercolor pencils first to decide her color preferences.

Here’s another stage of this piece after considerable work has been put into it.  Nancy is clearly enjoying this painting and has switched to using a brush to dissolve the watercolor pencils onto the wood surface.  And now a first look at the completed painting.  The title comes from the three circles that dominate the composition.  Nancy seems to have a penchant for geometric abstraction and has produced and sold a few of these works.  The final stages of “Three Circles” was finished using tube watercolors and brush which helped increase the intensity of her colors.  I think Kandinsky would appreciate many of Nancy’s artworks.

Natalie Lanier changed her mind as to which acrylic painting she wanted to enter since our previous post.  That’s okay, we still have time although we did have to register and pay an entry fee in advance.  As long as we have one acrylic painting to enter by the deadline…she can change her mind as often as she likes especially if the art keeps getting better!  In this case, I think her new painting entitled “Born Free” is compelling and has already attracted admirers.

Jeremy Smith is a multi-talented artist and it was hard for him to decide as well what he wanted to enter.  In the end, Jeremy was true to himself and decided that a well-designed necklace and earring set he made recently was what he wanted to submit for jurying.  The beads are made of glass.  It take concentration, patience, and a steady hand to assemble this jewelry.

We have other artists who are finishing up on their entries and I hope to show you those in our next post.  Under represented in our blog are the many photographs that our clients take and I hope to change that soon.  Two of our artists will be submitting in the photography category.  For now, I will end with a detail of Jeremy’s lovely beaded necklace.

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