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Although the event was last Saturday, I thought I would present a few images from StudioWorks’ participation.  The above image was the poster for the street wide celebration and many businesses and sponsors along Louisville’s famous Bardstown Road that joined in.  Our thanks to the Highland Commerce Guild for organizing such a fun event.

It is an important part of Zoom Group’s and thus StudioWorks’ mission to be involved in the life of the larger community.  Bardstown Bound was a great way for visitors to get to know, check out, and purchase the art made in our studio/gallery.  Since we are currently only open during the business week, this was also an opportunity for folks who wanted to visit us to do so.

The event was a light-hearted gathering and a good excuse to have a sale.  The StudioWorks artists have been so productive that we have art literally everywhere inside the building!  To further entice visitors, we gave an additional 20% off our already modest prices.  Remember at StudioWorks, the artists receive an 80% commission on all sold art works.  Sales were good during Bardstown Bound and nearly every artist sold work.

Although it was a busy Saturday, many of our artists were able to attend and show off their works to friends and visitors.  Here Carol (in the blue pants) talks about her wonderful embroideries framed and hanging on the gallery’s walls.  Our artists are really proud of StudioWorks and have responded by making some of their best works yet.  The space is so nice that we have had many inquiries from other artists with developmental disabilities who would like to have a chance to work with our talented staff and volunteers.

The Zoom Group staff were supportive and came out for our event.  Our gallery used to be around the corner from the main office, but now we are more across town.  The company’s president, Annie Rosenberg-Sattich and her husband Steve enjoyed the many works on view.  Annie remembers when this program was just a few individuals gathered together in the back of a coffee-house.  Look at us now!

It’s always a pleasure to show off a sellection of the works that are made in our space.  We were really pleased by how Marie Vample’s ceramic tile came out.  She did a fine and careful job of glazing its surface.

On another ceramic note, here are Julie Baldyga’s wacky cat family.  This ensemble features a mother cat and her two kittens playing with their electrical fuses!  Julie also made ceramic birds and mice also playing with their respective fuses.  Julie is such a multi-talented and interesting person and artist.  For her, the commitment to art making extends past what she does at StudioWorks.  Natalie Lanier is also a fine artist and here is her latest acrylic on canvas painting.

Natalie entitled this painting “Lady Bug” and I had to photograph it quickly on the gallery’s front carpet because this work found a new home during our Bardstown Bound event!  Congratulations Natalie!!  One final shot and this shows the wonderful tissue pompoms that the staff made as decorations for the event.  They really look good from outside too!  See you next week.

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Phew!!  Life has been busy (but good!) at Zoom Group and StudioWorks.  One night after the DSP banquet, StudioWorks opened a group exhibition of work by our artists at Louisville’s  Jefferson Community & Technical College’s Krantz Art Gallery.  After the artworks were completed, attention was directed towards matting and framing to provide a professional presentation.  The first two images are from StudioWorks as we readied the art prior to the installation.

Barry Motes, chairman of the art department and director of the gallery, and I planned this exhibition before StudioWorks moved into our new space.  This was a wonderful opportunity to work towards and it provided a few of our newest members with their first chance to show art in a gallery other than our own.  We installed the show on a Saturday and StudioWorks’ super staff member, Rebecca Crutcher, helped us hang the show.  Here she is working with Dorcas’ painting and photograph.

The show is entitled the “StudioWorks Art Community” and opened on March 7, but the reception happened on the 9th which was a rainy Wednesday night.  Fortunately, many of the  JCTC students were in attendance as well as a few of our clients, their case managers and care givers, college faculty members, and Zoom Group staff.  There was a lively discussion about the art which was wonderful.  It’s also a treat to be able to share the art created at StudioWorks with another segment of the community.  Here are a few pictures taken at the reception.

The “StudioWorks Art Community” will be on exhibit at the Krantz Art Gallery from March 7 – 31, 2011.  The gallery is located in VTJ 116 and the building is on the corner of 1st and Chestnut Streets in downtown Louisville.  The public is welcomed to view the show.  Hours are Monday – Thursday, 8am to 4pm, Friday, 9am till 12 noon.  If you are in the neighborhood, please stop by!

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As promised here is a peek at Carol Thorp’s  finished “Calico Cat” acrylic painting.  Kevin Molloy, one of our DSPs ( Direct Support Professionals…hope all of you out there have had a great week in your honor!) brought in a pair of special 3D glasses to see if Carol’s painting would jump off the wall…it didn’t.  It’s apparently bright enough that we don’t need any other special effects!  Carol makes lots of study drawings before committing brush to canvas.  Included are two such drawings with the Calico Cat theme.

You can see how the multicolored ball of yarn developed from initial sketches to finished work.  The cat itself, changed very little except for the blue eyes.

David Mahoney finished his commission for an old fashioned taxi.  The model was an image of a 1955 era style cab.  I am especially attracted to the colorful mosaic of tiles that frames this work.  David spent a great amount of time on this piece and was proud of his work.

Eric Huggins has been in a drawing mood lately which is good because he had this commission to finish.  This double portrait will be matted and framed and the new owner was really happy with the outcome.

At StudioWorks, our artists also like to put jewelry items together.  There’s something very meditative about creating a necklace or bracelet.  We have an ever-growing supply of beads and next we should work on displaying these pieces better.  We will work on that.  For now, here is a better look at a recent necklace and earring set that Jeremy Smith created.

Clay projects are ongoing and some of what I’m about to present is already in the kiln ready for a bisque firing.  Julie has been especially productive making clay figures, airplanes, transformers, and her trademark fuses!

This nice panda sculpture is by Carol Thorp and we can’t wait to see how this one turns out.  Susie assisted Carol with this piece and it is made hollow.

Nancy Anderson has been working on a series of abstract color pencil drawings.  Most feature variations on geometric themes.  Here’s a picture of Nancy drawing.  I like how expressive images of hands can be!

In closing, David’s pastel cab art work has many nice details and this close-up highlights many of them.  StudioWorks has much planned over the next few months and we look forward to sharing it all with you!  Until next time!

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We have said our share of good byes lately, but now it’s time to move on.  The StudioWorks artists are always making fresh pieces and we have a couple of new commissions that have been started.  The image above is of Eric Huggins practicing his figure drawing skills.  He has a commission to produce a double portrait of his patron’s parents.  Eric’s drawings are characterized by their incisive line quality.  I think this is going to be a nice piece and I can’t wait to see it develop.  David Mahoney has also been working on a new commission.  Our good friend Ed wants David to produce an image featuring a taxi cab from the mid 1950’s.  Here’s one of David’s color pencil renderings that will later be translated into oil pastels.

And speaking of oil pastels, Julie Baldyga has completed two new figures with model airplanes.  This is turning into quite a series that deserves to be shown as a body of work.  We will work on that!  For now, here’s the art.

Here’s a detail of another new work followed by the full image.  This airplane is named Sally after a good friend of ours.  I like the lips on this aircraft and references the WWII fighter plane…the P-48 Flying Tiger.

Sometimes art by the StudioWorks artists sells so quickly that we are challenged to get a picture of the piece before it goes out the door.  This has happened to Dorcas twice recently.  She dyed a beautiful scarf and it sold within 24 hours and a ceramic wind chime she made with assistance sold quickly too.  At least we have this picture of the artist with her scarf.

Carol Thorp finished a small ceramic baboon sculpture that didn’t hang around the studio for very long.  We do, however, have a few images of it in progress that we can share with you.  This is what it looked like while wet.

It is a very engaging work that fits in the palm of your hand.  And now the finished result after it was glazed and fired in the kiln.

That’s it for now, but in our next post I would like to introduce the newest member of the StudioWorks’ staff.  This has been a year full of changes and many positive ones are just around the corner!

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Although it’s true we have been concentrating on the medium of glass last month…we also have been working on other pieces back at StudioWorks.  We have had some new ceramic creations emerge from the kiln and a few of these works have already flown out of our gallery.  Julie Baldyga had a nice grouping of birds she made.  Some are even perched upon electrical fuses!  Julie watches the sparrows that visit the sidewalk in front of our space.  I think she does a great job of capturing the gesture in bird poses.  Carol Thorp accepted and completed a recent commission for a ceramic squirrel.  We do have in progress pictures of that and several other smaller sculptures that were fun to watch being made.  Here is the squirrel newly formed from moist terracotta clay. 

This work was commissioned by Ed (the Taxi Driver) Price who is assembling an enviable collection of StudioWorks pieces.  When the Antiques Roadshow of the Future comes to town…they may remember that once upon a time there was a community of artists in Louisville called StudioWorks that made outstanding and very collectible art!  But why wait for the future when the opportunity exists now?  Carol’s squirrel is slowly drying before it can move to the bisque phase in our kiln.  Here’s another image of clay drying.  Carol also did the cat and Nancy Anderson made the dog.  The bug (I forget who made that?) is along for the ride.

After the work is bisqued, then glazes are applied that will turn glassy in the kiln’s heat.  Care must be taken to keep these glazes clean and pure.  Fortunately, our artists have Vickey to advise and help them on the many technical aspects of working with hand-built ceramic sculpture.

The squirrel on the right has just been glazed and awaits firing.  The smaller piece was made as a preliminary study.  The larger squirrel is about seven or eight inches high.

Here are the finished pieces!  The little dog with the button eyes is by Nancy and the cat and squirrel are Carol’s work.  The bigger squirrel was eventually given the name of “Nutty” because it’s holding an acorn.  Ed was pleased with the final result and there was one other compliment!

“Good work Carol!”, said a squirrel from the peanut gallery!  I threw that in for Carol because I know she loves animals.  Nancy Anderson has been hitting a good stride with a series of geometric drawings and paintings.  Here she is working on an acrylic painting featuring a repeated diamond pattern and very nice coloring.  Kevin introduced this color theory book to Nancy and it has helped in the variety and selection of colors she used.

And here’s a look at the final painting.  Nancy decided that the painting made more sense to her as a vertical and so we will hang it this way.  I believe it still needs a title to be truly finished, but we love the bold colors.  This painting will look great in a contemporary space.

Our glass projects will be on display at the Council on Developmental Disabilities’ Weber Gallery and the reception is this Friday.  I will show you images from the opening.  We are all proud of our efforts with this new medium!  There are also several other paintings in progress and we will be introducing our new intern to you.  Her name is Ariana and she comes to us via Yale University’s Bulldogs in the Bluegrass program.  Ariana is an art major and will be spending the next ten weeks working with us.  To end, here’s a picture of Lonnie.  He celebrated a birthday this past month and Zoom Group’s Director of Support Employment, Dollie Johnson was nice enough to treat our crew to lunch.  Thanks again Dollie!

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Recently, we featured in this blog an owl painting that StudioWorks artist, Carol Thorp made.  While she was doing that piece, she was also working on a clay sculpture that compliments that painting.  We are big fans of process and so here are three images from start to finish of  “Oliver the Owl”.  The first image is of the owl formed from clay that is still wet.  It will have to dry more before we can bisque this piece in the kiln.  After that it will become ceramic hard.  This piece is constructed with a hollow body.  If it were solid clay it would take longer to dry and be much heavier.

Here is Oliver after the first firing and with ceramic glazes applied.  It will be fired in the kiln one more time before it can be considered finished.  Carol worked on this piece with assistance from Vickey Reed.  Carol selected the colors she wanted her owl to be and carefully applied them with clean brushes.  Here is the finished piece after the glazes have turned to glass in the extreme heat of the kiln.  The finished owl is about seven or so inches high and looks great alongside some of Carol’s other ceramic animal figurines!

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Brad Bohannon just finished a nice painting and we couldn’t wait to show it off.  It’s a self-portrait of the artist as an angel!  Brad likes doing figurative art and his favorite subjects other than friends and family include the late Diana, Princess of Wales and Michael Jackson.  Brad attends our program twice a week and we look forward to seeing and working with him.  I have a couple other images of this painting…when it was first started and when it was considered finished.  Learning when an artwork is complete is an art in itself and takes experience.  This piece was done with acrylic paints.

Here’s the painting on the first day of work…and now when it’s done.

We also have a number of small bisqued clay sculptures in the works.  The artists are busy glazing them and soon they will be fired again.  Here’s a snapshot of some of the pieces on one of our work tables.  Till next time!

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