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Recently, we featured in this blog an owl painting that StudioWorks artist, Carol Thorp made.  While she was doing that piece, she was also working on a clay sculpture that compliments that painting.  We are big fans of process and so here are three images from start to finish of  “Oliver the Owl”.  The first image is of the owl formed from clay that is still wet.  It will have to dry more before we can bisque this piece in the kiln.  After that it will become ceramic hard.  This piece is constructed with a hollow body.  If it were solid clay it would take longer to dry and be much heavier.

Here is Oliver after the first firing and with ceramic glazes applied.  It will be fired in the kiln one more time before it can be considered finished.  Carol worked on this piece with assistance from Vickey Reed.  Carol selected the colors she wanted her owl to be and carefully applied them with clean brushes.  Here is the finished piece after the glazes have turned to glass in the extreme heat of the kiln.  The finished owl is about seven or so inches high and looks great alongside some of Carol’s other ceramic animal figurines!

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