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Graciously, Jacque Parsley agreed to stop by today to share a few words of art wisdom and give the StudioWorks group an introduction to her work.  Jacque is well-known to Louisville’s art community because in addition to being an artist, she has also been a gallery director, curator, and is a highly regarded collector and supporter of Kentucky’s self-taught artists. 

Originally trained in fiber arts, Jacque now concentrates on making mixed media collages and assemblages.  She finds the materials for her work from many sources including flea markets and rummage sales.  She is particularly attracted to those bits of ephemera that reveal a life lived.  Among the many materials she uses include old photographs, letters, stamps, odd bits of fabric, buttons, coins, broken toys, maps, cigar boxes, and much more!  There is a nostalgic feel to her work that has been updated to reflect concerns in contemporary art.  Her work is avidly collected and is in many private and public collections including museums here and abroad.  At StudioWorks, Jacque brought a few of her materials in a glass framed box and demonstrated how she layers her collage elements to show and create meaning.  For the last several years she has traveled to Mexico and that culture and its artifacts have become incorporated in her art.  Here are a couple of in-progress collages that Jacque brought in for us to handle.

Jacque complimented the art that the StudioWorks crew made and gave us invaluable advice!  Among the topics she touched upon included how to develop inspiration and seek creative opportunities.  Jacque once published a list entitled “How to Jumpstart Your Creativity” and there was one item that Zoom Group and StudioWorks in particular try to embody and it goes like this:  “Ask the question, What if? Suspend judgement of yourself and others, respect differences.”  We would like to thank Jacque again for sharing something of herself with our artists.  If you would like to see more of Jacque’s work, just click on this link:  http://www.kentuckyartists.com/jacqueparsley/index.html  

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