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The StudioWorks artists have been amazingly productive over the last month and I would like to share a few images of their 2-d artwork with you.  Our artistic community has grown as the program has become better known in Louisville and Zoom Group has great plans for the future.  Currently, a new website for the company is being designed and posts from this blog will migrate over to it.  In the meantime, the spirit of our studio remains high.  We have added new artists and our former newbies are beginning to discover what materials they like and what ideas are worth exploring.  This post begins with a nice color marker drawing by Marie Vample who is getting more sophisticated with her designs.  Among our newer artists is Alexander Burden and here is a taste of the work he likes to make.

Alexander has an interesting style that merges text and images.  In fact, he likes to script stories that blend reality with fantasy.  He is also a fan of trains and likes creating pictures of railroad crossings.  Future posts are sure to contain those images as well.  The StudioWorks staff is looking forward to seeing what Alexander will come up with next.  Matthew Torstrick has been with us for a few months now and he fits in very well.  Matthew likes making his art with waxy crayons which he polishes to a high sheen.  This is one of his works.

An artist we feel that is worth watching is Chimel Ford.  Recently, Chimel had five of his paintings published in a local magazine and several of those works then sold.  He likes to borrow images from familiar snack and drink products which he then turns into wonderful thickly rendered acrylic paintings.  The next image is a good example of one of his creations.

Another artist who has settled in well into our environment is Dorothy Hawkins.  She is a sweet person who really loves to make art.  Every once in a while, she decides that she wants to do a portrait of a famous personality.  We loved the Johnny Cash painting she did and she later followed that work up with this one.  I think nearly everyone would recognize an image of the young Elvis.

Jeremy Smith likes to draw and make jewelry.  Recently he came up with this nice drawing of cardinal birds.  For him it is a bit of a departure from the fantasy and mythological subjects he likes to work with.  There is a soft side of him that really loves animals.

Speaking of animals, I would like to close with a trio of dog images.  Dogs are among the favorite animal subjects chosen by our Studio Works artists.  Carol Thorp completed two commissions for pet portraits.  One of the case managers that works with us asked Carol if she could make a couple of embroideries of her beloved dogs.  This was right up Carol’s alley and here are the results that now await framing.  Carol made real strides with this particular project.  Her needle work is becoming more “painterly” as she overlays different thread colors.

One last dog image before we call it a post and it belongs to Natalie Lanier.  Natalie is a prolific artist and a fairly good poet too.  This work recently came off her brush and it made all of us in the studio smile.  We hope it does the same thing for you!

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StudioWorks has been fortunate in attracting several visiting artists recently. This time we were graced by Ashley Brossart who is a young painter on the Louisville scene.  She brought several of her intriguing projects for our artists to engage.  Here is an example of her work.

I apologize for not recording the title of this piece, but we enjoyed how she worked this painting.  For the most part, Ashley’s work is abstract, but of late she seems to be working conceptually with art in public places.  The piece shown above involves working stencils reminiscent of bridges and structures seen in an urban environment.  Ashley’s latest project is an ambitious road trip to place small map-like drawings she has made in the American cities that inspired them.  Where the works will be displayed will depend on what she finds once she reaches each place.  On the back of her artworks will be a QR code that can be read with a good cell phone that will give additional information about each piece.  Sounds promising and good luck on your adventure.

Ashley gave an informal but informative presentation of her art and fielded a few questions.  Afterwards, she seemed just as interested in us. With pleasure, we treated her to the fifty cent tour of our facility. Our guys also love having the opportunity to show people what art they are making.  There is always something good being made in the studio.

Ashley and Carol Thorp hit it off well and Carol’s wonderful embroideries speak for themselves!  Carol is nearly finished with a double commission for two dog portraits.  She has developed a distinct preference for this medium over the past half year…that and drawing with color pencils.

Eric Huggins is proud of the work he makes and here he is showing our latest visiting artist the ceramic rhinoceros he fabricated.  Ashley seemed impressed with the variety and quality of the art work she was seeing.  All the StudioWorks artists were working on their own ideas!

We like to thank Ashley Brossart for coming and sharing a little bit of herself with us.  Soon the StudioWorks artists were back to finishing their own projects.  Here Marie Vample puts the finishing touches on an electrically hued water-color painting.  Marie has come a long way since joining us and her patience level is increasing.

Alicia Rexroat has a nice smile on her face because she’s enjoying the company of friends and making a nice necklace in the bargain.  Alicia has an open mind to trying different art forms, but creating jewelry is at the top of her list of favorite things to do in the studio.

This is Matthew Torstrick concentrating on his latest drawing.  His designs have a monumental quality to them even on a smaller scale.  We love his sense of color and how he manipulates  familiar materials like crayons and color pencils.  Matthew is a great guy and a wonderful addition to our studio.

Because of all the color, I couldn’t resist throwing in this shot of Chimel Ford’s painting table.  Sometimes it’s hard to know where the painting begins and ends.  This shot shows Chimel’s Minute Maid painting and a Cracker Jacks acrylic on paper piece he is working on.  If you like color…you might like what happened to Dorcas Kempf-Fluhr’s “magnum opus”?

A couple of posts a go, I showed Dorcas’ painting on the floor as she and the staff decided how best to use all the smaller paintings she created.  The idea was to combine many of them into one large colorful abstract work. The smaller paintings were done on scrap mat board.  We used large sheets of cardboard for a backing and attached Dorcas’ works with heavy-duty Velcro.  To close this post, here is the artist posing in front of her painting which probably qualifies as the largest single artwork made by a StudioWorks artist.  Congratulations Dorcas…you painted it!

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Before heading to the Fourth of July holiday with its extended weekend, we were thrilled to have another visiting artist!  Suzi Zimmerer, a professional artist in the Louisville community,  graciously shared her work among our circle of artists.

Suzi creates amazing images by cutting paper.  Best of all, her imagination is open and witty which came through the many examples of her art she brought to us.  Here she holds whimsical designs that seem to be part animal/machine hybrids.  Suzi is an accomplished draughtsman and much of her art is rooted in the language of drawing.  Her artwork has been exhibited all over the United States.

This is a simpler example of one of Suzi’s papercuts which seems related to the imagery found in Mexican folk art.  Suzi and her partner, Keith Kleespies once lived in Sante Fe before moving to Louisville.  One of the StudioWorks artists, Natalie Lanier,  especially responded to Suzi’s elegant images of stylish women.  After the presentation, Natalie was inspired to  create a cut paper artwork of her own!  Another StudioWorks artist, Marie Vample, really connected with one of Suzi’s collage sketchbooks.

Bradley Bohannon fell in love with the masks that Suzi made and brought along and he entertained us with his Godzilla impression!  I like that you can see his big smile despite having most of his face hidden.  A couple of weeks a go, Bradley made a very nice ceramic mask of his own.

After her informal presentation, Suzi made the rounds to see what the StudioWorks artists were currently making.  Carol showed both Suzi and Keith her newest commissions in progress.  Carol is doing two portraits of beloved pet dogs in embroidery.  Her needle work keeps getting better and better!

Julie Baldyga has been working on a series of oil pastels featuring electrical workers from around the world repairing transformers.  Here Julie shows Suzi something about her own amazing art making techniques.

This is an example of Julie’s series which highlights electrical workers switching out ceramic insulators while standing on substations?  Talking with Julie…we all learn more about electrical equipment which she likes to research on the internet.  In the following image, you can tell the workers are from India because the one on the right has a red dot on his forehead.

Other new pieces in the gallery include a nice acrylic painting on paper that Chimel Ford painted.  The subject speaks for itself!  Of late, Chimel has been on a productive and positive roll.

StudioWorks keeps growing with the addition of new artists.  Among are newest is Alexander B. who painted this scene of two people standing near a house.  Alexander likes to script the dialog and action in some of his pictures.  In this painting all his words have been covered over with paint.  We will try to get this young artist to leave a bit of the words visible to give viewers a better sense for what is happening.  Alexander also loves trains and so we expect to see some of that imagery popping up every now and then.  The staff loves the way he presents the human figure.

Bradley created a very entertaining color pencil and crayon piece inspired by the newest Green Lantern movie.  In his drawing, the staff and artists of StudioWorks have all been transformed into super heroes ready to do battle with all that threaten our fair planet.  Nobody better mess with us!

StudioWorks would like to thank Suzi Zimmerer for sharing her art work and time with us.  It is through these visiting artist encounters that our artists receive so much positive reinforcement and underscores how universal creativity can be.  We are lucky to live in such a vibrant and giving art community that exists in Louisville and look forward to other visiting artist presentations.  Before ending, the StudioWorks artists have had a series of collaborative in-house projects going on and one of them features lots of cut up fabric being braided and knotted together.  So far, Terry and Rebecca have gotten into this the most, but other artists have contributed as well.  What this fabric will become is still being decided and that is the exciting and creative part.  We will keep you posted on its progress!  Thanks for stopping by!!

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It’s been a great week or so at StudioWorks.  Lots of wonderful art is being produced, shown, and sold.  There is a palpable feeling of accomplishment in the air of our studio/gallery that extends even beyond the walls of our building.  Recently, three of our artists…Matthew, Terry, and Nancy won medals for swimming at a meet held in Richmond, Kentucky.  Congratulations to all three and here is a nice picture with some of the loot hanging around their necks!

Currently, there is an especially nice showing of paintings by Madison Cawein at the B. Deemer Gallery.  Marie, Julie, and Dorothy really enjoyed the outing and loved the skill on display.  Check out Julie’s new glasses!

The staff at this gallery has been very welcoming and we love the variety in their shows.  We learn so much by looking at the work of fellow artists.  We have also been lucky in attracting another wonderful volunteer and her name is Katie Hall.

Katie recently completed a her BFA degree from the well-regarded Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York.  She will be working with us this summer and is interested in pursuing a graduate degree in art therapy.  As it turns out StudioWorks provides a good opportunity for her to get additional experience in working with people with special needs.  Katie dived right in and has been very helpful in the studio.  As she is finding out…we focus primarily on abilities and the expressive potential of each individual.  Welcome aboard!

We also had a guest visitor to StudioWorks recently!  Sally Hardman who once attended our program dropped by to see old friends including Eric!  It was great to see her again and this was her first chance to see our new studio.  Sally was a big part of our 4th Street gallery.

Matthew Torstrick is among the fresh new faces at StudioWorks.  Matthew has been hitting a groove of late with his wonderfully colorful crayon drawings.  He finds inspiration for his abstractions from popular culture.    Here is a better view of the drawing he was working on in the above image.  It’s based on the latest version of the movie “Tron”.  What I love in addition to this drawing’s large size is the way Matthew burnished his shapes until they literally shine when the light hits them!

I began this post with a prismacolor drawing by Artis Appling who has also been making inspired art.  The other day, the StudioWorks staff were amazed when Artis completed fifteen new and colorful drawings in a single day!  We think Artis has a gift for color and composition and is evolving his own vocabulary of symbols he likes to work with.  Here are two new drawings including one that repeats his signature in interesting and decorative ways.  Artis frequently draws on both sides of his artworks.

Let’s keep the color flowing and here is Natalie Lanier’s latest.  I’m not sure of the title and so I call it “Lady with a Peacock”.  Natalie’s art has style!

Julie Baldyga’s most recent oil pastel also qualifies for this colorfest!  This is the latest in a series that features a toy model airplane and a glimpse of heaven with its pink arbor of flowers.

Eric Huggins is one of our best draughtsman.  The tip of his pencil can be so clean and precise.  This is a large study of different dog breeds where Eric is experimenting with using non-naturalistic colors.  We have many dog lovers in our group who especially like this work.

Lastly, I want to show a painting by Dorothy Elois Hawkins that recently was purchased.  Congratulations Dorothy!  By now this painting is in the Los Angeles area.  This is only one of many StudioWorks pieces that are now in collections across the United States.  Who doesn’t love dinosaurs!!  Stay cool and see you next week!

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Winter is continuing to be a productive time for the StudioWorks artists.  Many new and wonderful images are being produced like the above city scene by Terry B.  I love the active mark making which suggests how the urban environment is always in motion.  We have been blending in new artists into our community.  For the most part, this has been going well.  There have been some growing pains, but it is more a matter of some of our artists needing to become comfortable in a new and different environment.  Our structure tends to be relaxed and for some of our artists it is also a new experience to be in charge of their own creativity.  As most practicing artists learn…it takes time to learn what to make.  Our staff can help guide that search through suggestions and the introduction of new media.  One sign that our approach is bearing fruit are all the individualized approaches the StudioWorks artists bring to their work.  Everybody has different style that you can discern over time.

Some of our veteran artists, like Julie B., are enjoying the new studio.  This oil pastel of the “Red Baron’s Airplane” will be the featured image on the announcement of our next show which is happening soon.  We will be displaying work under the title of “The StudioWorks Art Community” which will be held in Louisville at the Jefferson Community and Technical College’s Krantz Art Gallery.  The exhibit dates are March 7 -31, 2011.  Many of the works appearing in this post will be in that art show.  Here’s another Julie B. oil pastel and this piece is large.  It features Julie sitting on a love seat and her boyfriend Allan.  This piece is composed of several sheets of paper that have been taped together which is a technique that Julie loves to do.  Her works on paper grow out organically.

We have had several commissions come out of our studio lately.  Chimel F. just finished an acrylic on canvas for a client that includes their favorite snacks…ice cream with chocolate syrup!  The paint surface alone is good enough to eat!

Carol T. also finished up a recent commission.  Pet portraits are always popular and Carol did a good job with “Grainger” who is a black lab.  I love the mischievous look in his eyes and the colorful rug helps the dog stand out even more and creates additional interest in this painting.

Carol also finished another acrylic on canvas animal painting and this one features two pinto horses she loves.  This is of a mare and her colt.

Another animal lover is Natalie L.  She is also fond of horses and is an experienced rider.  Natalie prefers to abstract her subjects and this painting is bold with a rich textured acrylic paint surface.

Our good friend Dorcas has been working hard on painting in a nonobjective style.  Her paintings are getting better with their rich colors and surfaces.  This painting is entitled “Ocean Waves” and really does live up to its title.

Among our newcomers, Marie V. has painted her first canvas with us and this is it.  It combines great color painted with a fan brush and the uniquely personal element of her own hand prints.

To close, I would like to showcase two nice color pencil drawings.  The first is by Nancy A. and features her abstract geometric imagery.  She is getting very sophisticated with these diamond-patterned compositions.

Brad B. has a distinctive drawing style and he likes to work figuratively.  Here’s one of his latest images that demonstrates this to the max.  This work features many members of his extended family and is part of an ongoing series that includes family and friends.  StudioWorks is getting to a point where it is difficult to showcase all the fine art works that are being produced under our roof!  We love having this dilemma and can’t wait to show you what happens next!

Smiles to everybody!!

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It’s an official snow day.  The Jefferson County Public School system is out for the day and that means StudioWorks is too.  We are expecting visitors from the SCL Coalition tomorrow and I’m here doing a little cleaning and catching up on a few items.  The artists have been productive after Christmas and its looking like 2011 is off to a great start!  One of our artists, Chimel Ford, had a landmark moment this past week when he sold his first painting in our gallery!  Here’s a picture of the proud moment.

The gentleman on the right had spotted Chimel’s Fritos painting in our front window and came back to purchase it. Luckily, Chimel was present when he came in and he was clearly pleased and had to call his mom with the good news.  We have the feeling that Chimel will have this experience again because he’s a hard worker and talented.  You just don’t see art like his everyday…unless you are watching our blog!  I included a few other recent paintings from Chimel that he has recently completed.  As you can see, Chimel is attracted to the bright colors and bold designs he finds in snack food packaging.  Now that the Fritos painting is out the door…here is a better picture of it.  All Chimel’s paintings are acrylic on stretched canvases.

Chimel also does portraits and I believe we featured the one he did of Michael Jackson earlier.  Here’s a piece he did on Will Smith which is interpreted from an illustration advertising the movie, “Men in Black”.

As much as we can, we will try to help Chimel develop his art.  For now, we are still getting used to one another.  It takes time to develop a trusting relationship where the artist will accept criticism and recommendations.  I can’t wait to see what he makes next!  In my next post, I will show you a few other works that the StudioWorks artists have been busy with.  Happy New Year to all!

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Although Sally’s actual birthday was yesterday, we celebrated it at StudioWorks with a cupcake party for her today.  Vickey made her a special extra-large cupcake (smaller ones for everybody else) and took her out for a great lunch by the river.  Finally, it looks like spring is approaching.  February was a difficult month and the gallery was closed several days due to snow.  We follow the same schedule as Louisville’s public schools, so when they close, we do likewise.

The annual DSP banquet is approaching and Zoom Group’s day programs along with StudioWorks are making the centerpieces.  The theme is “DSPs Work Magic Everyday” and so the centerpieces will embrace props a magician might use starting with the traditional hat, fake flowers, cards, and a special rabbit.  Each program has a hat, but will interpret the theme in their own way.  Today at the gallery, we worked on our versions and a shy David Mahoney is hiding behind some silk flowers.

Here are a couple more centerpieces in progress.  The feeling is they need a bit more color and perhaps another element to set them off.  The annual banquet is a time when our colleagues in our line of work can be honored and recognized for their hard work.  We are fortunate at StudioWorks to have Kevin Molloy and Vickey Reed helping our artists.  Tomorrow we will be brainstorming with Jonathan Swanz an artist who specializes in the medium of glass.  Louisville will play host to an international glass conference this June and the StudioWorks artists will be participating.  Jonathan will be leading us through a series of workshops that will culminate in an exhibit at the Weber Gallery.  This is an exciting event and we will devote future post to this soon!  For now, the StudioWorks artists are engaged in individual projects and our closing photo is of Dorcas Kempf-Fluhr and a recent drawing using markers to cover the whole picture plane.  Her latest works communicate a lot of energy through mark making.

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