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The StudioWorks artists have been amazingly productive over the last month and I would like to share a few images of their 2-d artwork with you.  Our artistic community has grown as the program has become better known in Louisville and Zoom Group has great plans for the future.  Currently, a new website for the company is being designed and posts from this blog will migrate over to it.  In the meantime, the spirit of our studio remains high.  We have added new artists and our former newbies are beginning to discover what materials they like and what ideas are worth exploring.  This post begins with a nice color marker drawing by Marie Vample who is getting more sophisticated with her designs.  Among our newer artists is Alexander Burden and here is a taste of the work he likes to make.

Alexander has an interesting style that merges text and images.  In fact, he likes to script stories that blend reality with fantasy.  He is also a fan of trains and likes creating pictures of railroad crossings.  Future posts are sure to contain those images as well.  The StudioWorks staff is looking forward to seeing what Alexander will come up with next.  Matthew Torstrick has been with us for a few months now and he fits in very well.  Matthew likes making his art with waxy crayons which he polishes to a high sheen.  This is one of his works.

An artist we feel that is worth watching is Chimel Ford.  Recently, Chimel had five of his paintings published in a local magazine and several of those works then sold.  He likes to borrow images from familiar snack and drink products which he then turns into wonderful thickly rendered acrylic paintings.  The next image is a good example of one of his creations.

Another artist who has settled in well into our environment is Dorothy Hawkins.  She is a sweet person who really loves to make art.  Every once in a while, she decides that she wants to do a portrait of a famous personality.  We loved the Johnny Cash painting she did and she later followed that work up with this one.  I think nearly everyone would recognize an image of the young Elvis.

Jeremy Smith likes to draw and make jewelry.  Recently he came up with this nice drawing of cardinal birds.  For him it is a bit of a departure from the fantasy and mythological subjects he likes to work with.  There is a soft side of him that really loves animals.

Speaking of animals, I would like to close with a trio of dog images.  Dogs are among the favorite animal subjects chosen by our Studio Works artists.  Carol Thorp completed two commissions for pet portraits.  One of the case managers that works with us asked Carol if she could make a couple of embroideries of her beloved dogs.  This was right up Carol’s alley and here are the results that now await framing.  Carol made real strides with this particular project.  Her needle work is becoming more “painterly” as she overlays different thread colors.

One last dog image before we call it a post and it belongs to Natalie Lanier.  Natalie is a prolific artist and a fairly good poet too.  This work recently came off her brush and it made all of us in the studio smile.  We hope it does the same thing for you!

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Louisville is fortunate to have the galleries, museums, and visual art scene that we do and we love being an active participant in it all.  StudioWorks artist, Julie Baldyga does an amazing job with oil pastels and so when a fine exhibit in that medium by another artist is up…we have to go see it!  Here Julie admires a great piece by Louisville artist Martin Rollins at B. Deemer Gallery.  Brenda Deemer has maintained a wonderful gallery for many years and is also a frame shop of some note too!  Julie is a dedicated artist pursuing her vision and so when we work with her, it is more a matter of providing materials and letting her run with them because she knows what to do!  Here are two more interesting pieces by Julie which feature figurative portraits and machinery.

I’ll throw in a better detail of the still life within this oil pastel on paper.

Many of Julie’s pieces are set in Heaven which is an interesting aspect of some of her art.  Whatever shortcomings or difficulties a person may have faced in life…in Heaven, everything will be made right.  This piece features a figure, electrical transformer, toy locomotive and heavenly flower garden.  This is a fairly large work on paper.

Another StudioWorks artist who loves working with pastels is David Mahoney.  David has this piece up in a local show and it is one of his more amusing works!  David is quite the humorist!!  In case you can’t tell…it’s a monkey mom and baby!  He frequently works with animal subjects.

David grew up around a farm and you can see the influences in some of his chosen subject matter.  Here are two more oil pastels, the turkey was drawn on a wood panel while the three cows are on paper.

On a very different note is the art of Terry Bishop.  Terry is a very able draftsman with an intuitive sense for composition and design.  He works both with images and with geometric shapes.  Terry has several drawings in color pencil and or color markers that feature all over compositions of repeated shapes and are among his most compulsive works.  Here are two that utilize various triangular shapes.

Terry also likes to draw animals and I like the way these mysterious creatures in this drawing spread out across the page.  Sometimes I feel the multiple legs are meant to suggest motion?

Another new artist at StudioWorks that bears watching is Artis Appling.  He’s a hard worker and shares some qualities that Terry has.  Both alternate between symbolic and representational imagery.  Here’s an amazingly colorful oil pastel that Artis made recently.

To close this post, I’ll end with another of Artis’ drawings.  He frequently uses hearts in his work which always brings a smile to our faces.  Have a great week everybody!

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StudioWorks has had this picture of Eric and Rebecca waiting to be used and now seems as good a time as any!  Our good friend and fellow artist Julie B. likes to collect wigs (among other unusual objects) and it’s fun to play along.  Here’s one with me in silvery hair next to Julie.  That’s my aloof look!

With all this long hair flowing around the gallery…I thought I would show you the work of some of our newest artists.  Here’s an example of Marie V.’s art.  She’s really good with color markers and works equally well with representational and abstract imagery.  Marie currently has work in our exhibit at J.C.T.C. which ends on March 31.

Another artist we are excited to be working with is Alicia R.  Here she is enlisting Susie’s advice on a figurative portrait.  Alicia is especially interested in making beaded jewelry and has produced many fine examples we offer for show and sale.

Linda S. is another recent addition.  Like Marie, Linda is trying out different media to find which ones she enjoys doing the best.  So far, Linda has enjoyed drawing in color pencils and markers.  She also makes use of stencils and this nice landscape piece features geese that were made with the aid of a stencil.

Also among our newest StudioWorks members is Artis A.  Here’s a picture of him and one of his marker art works.

Artis is a quiet guy with the nicest smile!  In the weeks he has been attending our program he has shown a real inclination towards working with chalk.  Artis will try oil pastels and acrylic paint, but for now “chalk” is his medium.  His work is bold and colorful which brings a smile to our faces.  Artis is prolific and a hard worker who stays busy from the moment he arrives in our building to the time he leaves.  Following are examples of some of Artis’ chalk drawings.  The first especially puts me in the spring time mood.

Here’s another of Artis’ chalk drawings and this one extends our “hair theme” as well.  Artis has a great up side to his art because it communicates so directly.  We love it when he comes skipping into the gallery because we know he is already off to a great day.

I’m loving all this color and so in closing I would like to post one of Dorcas’ acrylic nonobjective paintings.  Every once in a while she makes a real zinger and I think this image qualifies!  In our next post, I will feature five other StudioWorks artists who have been collaborating with five local artists from our community on a project for the Council on Developmental Disabilities’ Weber Gallery.  See you then!

Oh, I nearly forgot…we have another candidate for the crazy hair theme.  Eric did this drawing of two people wearing Afros like in the good old days!

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Winter is continuing to be a productive time for the StudioWorks artists.  Many new and wonderful images are being produced like the above city scene by Terry B.  I love the active mark making which suggests how the urban environment is always in motion.  We have been blending in new artists into our community.  For the most part, this has been going well.  There have been some growing pains, but it is more a matter of some of our artists needing to become comfortable in a new and different environment.  Our structure tends to be relaxed and for some of our artists it is also a new experience to be in charge of their own creativity.  As most practicing artists learn…it takes time to learn what to make.  Our staff can help guide that search through suggestions and the introduction of new media.  One sign that our approach is bearing fruit are all the individualized approaches the StudioWorks artists bring to their work.  Everybody has different style that you can discern over time.

Some of our veteran artists, like Julie B., are enjoying the new studio.  This oil pastel of the “Red Baron’s Airplane” will be the featured image on the announcement of our next show which is happening soon.  We will be displaying work under the title of “The StudioWorks Art Community” which will be held in Louisville at the Jefferson Community and Technical College’s Krantz Art Gallery.  The exhibit dates are March 7 -31, 2011.  Many of the works appearing in this post will be in that art show.  Here’s another Julie B. oil pastel and this piece is large.  It features Julie sitting on a love seat and her boyfriend Allan.  This piece is composed of several sheets of paper that have been taped together which is a technique that Julie loves to do.  Her works on paper grow out organically.

We have had several commissions come out of our studio lately.  Chimel F. just finished an acrylic on canvas for a client that includes their favorite snacks…ice cream with chocolate syrup!  The paint surface alone is good enough to eat!

Carol T. also finished up a recent commission.  Pet portraits are always popular and Carol did a good job with “Grainger” who is a black lab.  I love the mischievous look in his eyes and the colorful rug helps the dog stand out even more and creates additional interest in this painting.

Carol also finished another acrylic on canvas animal painting and this one features two pinto horses she loves.  This is of a mare and her colt.

Another animal lover is Natalie L.  She is also fond of horses and is an experienced rider.  Natalie prefers to abstract her subjects and this painting is bold with a rich textured acrylic paint surface.

Our good friend Dorcas has been working hard on painting in a nonobjective style.  Her paintings are getting better with their rich colors and surfaces.  This painting is entitled “Ocean Waves” and really does live up to its title.

Among our newcomers, Marie V. has painted her first canvas with us and this is it.  It combines great color painted with a fan brush and the uniquely personal element of her own hand prints.

To close, I would like to showcase two nice color pencil drawings.  The first is by Nancy A. and features her abstract geometric imagery.  She is getting very sophisticated with these diamond-patterned compositions.

Brad B. has a distinctive drawing style and he likes to work figuratively.  Here’s one of his latest images that demonstrates this to the max.  This work features many members of his extended family and is part of an ongoing series that includes family and friends.  StudioWorks is getting to a point where it is difficult to showcase all the fine art works that are being produced under our roof!  We love having this dilemma and can’t wait to show you what happens next!

Smiles to everybody!!

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As promised here is a peek at Carol Thorp’s  finished “Calico Cat” acrylic painting.  Kevin Molloy, one of our DSPs ( Direct Support Professionals…hope all of you out there have had a great week in your honor!) brought in a pair of special 3D glasses to see if Carol’s painting would jump off the wall…it didn’t.  It’s apparently bright enough that we don’t need any other special effects!  Carol makes lots of study drawings before committing brush to canvas.  Included are two such drawings with the Calico Cat theme.

You can see how the multicolored ball of yarn developed from initial sketches to finished work.  The cat itself, changed very little except for the blue eyes.

David Mahoney finished his commission for an old fashioned taxi.  The model was an image of a 1955 era style cab.  I am especially attracted to the colorful mosaic of tiles that frames this work.  David spent a great amount of time on this piece and was proud of his work.

Eric Huggins has been in a drawing mood lately which is good because he had this commission to finish.  This double portrait will be matted and framed and the new owner was really happy with the outcome.

At StudioWorks, our artists also like to put jewelry items together.  There’s something very meditative about creating a necklace or bracelet.  We have an ever-growing supply of beads and next we should work on displaying these pieces better.  We will work on that.  For now, here is a better look at a recent necklace and earring set that Jeremy Smith created.

Clay projects are ongoing and some of what I’m about to present is already in the kiln ready for a bisque firing.  Julie has been especially productive making clay figures, airplanes, transformers, and her trademark fuses!

This nice panda sculpture is by Carol Thorp and we can’t wait to see how this one turns out.  Susie assisted Carol with this piece and it is made hollow.

Nancy Anderson has been working on a series of abstract color pencil drawings.  Most feature variations on geometric themes.  Here’s a picture of Nancy drawing.  I like how expressive images of hands can be!

In closing, David’s pastel cab art work has many nice details and this close-up highlights many of them.  StudioWorks has much planned over the next few months and we look forward to sharing it all with you!  Until next time!

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Julie Baldyga recently finished a  large paper drawing and it’s a beauty!  The work is entitled, “Teresa is Going to Work on the Turbine” and it’s an oil pastel work on several sheets of paper taped together.  In many ways, this piece has a level of resolution that is very satisfying and can best be seen in the drawing’s details.

There is just enough warm color in the portrait of “Teresa” to make her stand out in front of the large turbine machine she is contemplating repairing.  As in her related works, Julie likes to show women being empowered with the knowledge and expertise to operate and keep in repair large pieces of machinery.  On occasion, she speaks of watching her father work on the family cars.  In this pastel, I especially like the pink fingernails and purple glasses.

In the simplicity of its rendering, I have really enjoyed looking at the glass on this table.  Knowing Julie, it’s probably ice tea.  The gears and what looks to be some type of crank shaft (again Julie could tell you exactly what this is) are not your typical subjects found in still life art.  The drawing has a lovely surface where the underdrawing and the substance of the pastel find a happy meeting place.

I find this part of the drawing to be compelling and mysterious.  It’s a series of pipes attached to the machine and includes a pressure gauge.  But what is happening to the pipes going through those slots in the floor?  Julie has drawn them with a degree of transparency that best makes sense in the world of art because in that realm anything is possible.  I wonder what else is the machine attached do and what does it do?  In Julie’s world, does it have any other symbolism?  Here is a final image of this drawing with Julie sitting in front of it.  She likes to keep watch on the informal parade of humanity that goes by our storefront each and every day we are open.

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Our much awaited sample of Jumpy Monkey Coffee has arrived and the StudioWorks community has brewed a couple pots.  Before I reveal the consensus of our taste test, here’s the background story.  We came across the Jumpy Monkey Coffee blog and left a comment wishing their new venture well.  Apparently, we were the first to do so and our new friends in Sioux City, Iowa sent us an example of their work.  You see, this is no ordinary coffee.  The business is run by folks with disabilities under the care of Opportunities Unlimited in Sioux City.  It looks like Zoom Group shares many of the same goals and values that they do.  Of the variety of premium blends of whole bean coffee that Jumpy Monkey produces, we received a bag of their Cinnamon Sticky Bun java.  Now we are aficionados of fine coffee here in Louisville, so we know our stuff, and the verdict was that Cinnamon Sticky Bun is delicious! Even folks within our group that aren’t as fond of flavored coffees, thought that this was done right.  We noticed that among the other blends that they are working, a Lewis and Clark theme is present.  I wonder if they know in Sioux City that Sargent Floyd was from across the river from us and lived in what is now Floyd County, Indiana?  We feel the Lewis and Clark journey both began and ended in our area.  Pictured above is our bag of coffee posed proudly next to a plate of our famous, but inedible, ceramic cookies…it’s art and just for looks!

And now for the “More” part.  We have art projects going on all the time.  Here’s Julie’s latest oil pastel and for the moment I’m guessing that “Kim” is probably in the title?  The drawing is about four and half feet tall and made from several irregular sheets of paper that are taped together on the verso side to form an informal rectangle.  The central figure is a former friend of Julie’s working (crescent wrench in hand) on the electrical board that operates her houseboat?  I’ll have to ask Julie for further clarification, but I think that’s the gist of it.  Here’s a detail showing some of the surface.

StudioWorks artist, Sally Hardman, is working on a promising series of artworks that all feature ice cream cones!  Here she is talking with our super volunteer, Susie Sherrard about a sewn confection that has just been started.  Already in the works include drawings, ceramic tiles, and with hope, a painting or two!  It’s great to see Sally working a theme she chose!

Most everybody at StudioWorks likes to draw and it’s fun watching people improve with practice.  I’ll end this post with a picture of Lonnie Cundiff’s hands working on a page of bug drawings.  This Luna Moth he’s drawing is showing real progress from his earlier attempts.  Way to go Lonnie!

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