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Recently, we featured in this blog an owl painting that StudioWorks artist, Carol Thorp made.  While she was doing that piece, she was also working on a clay sculpture that compliments that painting.  We are big fans of process and so here are three images from start to finish of  “Oliver the Owl”.  The first image is of the owl formed from clay that is still wet.  It will have to dry more before we can bisque this piece in the kiln.  After that it will become ceramic hard.  This piece is constructed with a hollow body.  If it were solid clay it would take longer to dry and be much heavier.

Here is Oliver after the first firing and with ceramic glazes applied.  It will be fired in the kiln one more time before it can be considered finished.  Carol worked on this piece with assistance from Vickey Reed.  Carol selected the colors she wanted her owl to be and carefully applied them with clean brushes.  Here is the finished piece after the glazes have turned to glass in the extreme heat of the kiln.  The finished owl is about seven or so inches high and looks great alongside some of Carol’s other ceramic animal figurines!

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Carol Thorp just finished an acrylic on canvas painting entitled “Oliver the Owl”.  But before I show you the finished work, I thought fans might enjoy seeing a little bit of the process.  The StudioWorks artists love to draw and frequently what first shows up on paper eventually finds expression elsewhere.  Carol did a small number of drawings using both color pencils and markers of her owl subject before she picked up a paint brush. 

Carol has a drawing style that involves simple abstraction influenced by coloring book illustrations.  If the famous Pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein, can be influenced by comic book illustrations and that genres’ conventions, than Carol intuits that she can do the same with her source materials.  Here is another color pencil study she did before the painting began.

Now ready to paint…here are a few phases of the canvas as it progressed to completion.  This is not a large piece, I believe it is 14″ x 11″ and so it is a more intimate work.  This work and many more are currently available in the gallery.  We love and encourage visitors to stop by and say hello!

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Except for a nice frame, this painting is done!  Artist Sally Hardman holds her latest canvas for all to see.  She’s proud of it and looking forward to hanging it on our gallery walls.  Everyone has been working hard to get ready for our Dec. 4, show and sale.

Sally’s owl piece is acrylic paint on canvas and this is the third version of this particular design.  She did two other watercolor and mixed media drawings on paper before she started working on the canvas.  Sally likes owls and did a few ceramic ornaments in addition to these colorful works.  Here is the first, more abstract idea that Sally started with.

Here’s Sally’s first study casually photographed on the StudioWorks’  floor.  The central idea of an owl sitting on a stone wall was carried through all the designs.  Something else was needed to keep the main subject from just floating on the page.  And now for the second drawing. 

In the second work, Sally made some major changes that made her artwork stronger.  The colors become more vibrant and this carries over into the final painting.  To solve the “floating owl on a page” she introduced some shapes that suggest a wall or building behind the bird.  In the final version, a back-lit archway becomes a key element and not just a backdrop.  Among the techniques that Sally practiced were making the brushstrokes that represented the feathers on the owl.  There where days when Sally didn’t feel like working on this piece.  So, we were all proud  when she returned to it for completion!

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